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Q: Is there guidance on reviewing a record, such as an operative (OP) note, that has
  Op ed: Are postacute, site-neutral payments the future?
NOVEMBER 20, 2018
  First-year students participating in Weill Cornell Medical College’s PreOp
SEPTEMBER 12, 2014
What are the time parameters for completing a history and physical? Answer: Up to
SEPTEMBER 30, 2014
Pre-claim review pilot goes live in Illinois—2 days late
Q: If the clinical impression is physical assault, vomiting, blunt injury to abdomen, a
JUNE 11, 2014
Prep your medical staff leaders with a pre-survey boot camp
  RCS-1 CMS case-mix pre-rule: Get ready for big changes
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that the pre-claim review de
If the hospital documentation, including history and physical and progress notes, doesn’t s
As of April 1, 2017, the Pre-Claim Review demonstration will be paused for at least 30 days in Il
JANUARY 20, 2015
NOVEMBER 4, 2015
SEPTEMBER 23, 2015
Conducting pre-billing audits can be challenging, but when done correctly, it can save organizati
APRIL 2, 2014
The Company was founded in 1986 by Jennifer Cofer, a nationally recognized authority in health information management, with the launch of Medical Record Briefing, a newsletter for medical records professionals that continues to be one of the Company’s flagship products.
JANUARY 6, 2009
Graduation season is upon us! Here’s a brief history of this important tradition in nursing
MAY 19, 2016
In this pre-conference session, HCPro regulatory specialist Debbie Mackaman, RHIA, CPCO,
“For most of modern medical history, the process of training to be a doctor could have bee
DECEMBER 4, 2015
NOVEMBER 20, 2013
The pre-admission process will take on an entirely new level of importance once Patient-Driven Pa
SEPTEMBER 13, 2019
How are your programs accommodating residents who must adhere to new physical distancing require
JULY 29, 2020
OCTOBER 8, 2014
Choose the pre-claim option. Be very assertive with the content of it, the record, in terms of wh
HCPro is a company with a talented and experienced staff in healthcare publishing, training, and consulting. Our primary brands—DecisionHealth and HealthLeaders—are widely recognized and highly respected within the healthcare industry.
JANUARY 6, 2009
Medicare’s Pre-Claim Review Demonstration (PCR) rollout has been anything but smooth, with
The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed legislation earlier this week that allows physical t
A group of pre-med junior and senior students from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, recentl
JANUARY 20, 2017
Palmetto GBA announced it will conduct pre-payment, service-specific, probe medical review on Hos
There are five phases of candidate selection in each residency Match cycle: pre-interview, inter
FEBRUARY 2, 2018
SEPTEMBER 30, 2015
These Occupational Health and Safety Forms provide you with all of the updates for your OSHA Health and Safety Compliance Manual.
DECEMBER 17, 2008
Neurological surgery, physical medicine and rehab, and plastic surgery (integrated) were the most
JUNE 17, 2020
From meeting with applicants for pre-interview-day dinners to helping to host tours, resid
JUNE 6, 2014
April 27-28, 2017 | Miami, Florida Pre-conference: April 26, 2017
MARCH 30, 2017
One year after parts of Illinois experienced the worst flooding in its history, hospitals
APRIL 24, 2014
A surgeon with an alleged history of bad behavior must pay a nurse $5,000 in compensatory damages
A British historian researching his country’s history found that of approximately 200 recog
A new study published January 1, 2016 in the journal Physical Therapy found that an additional h
JANUARY 8, 2016
Therapists have spent far too long looking to external sources to define what skilled physical th
?Better to experience physical and emotional stress under the supervision of professors in the te
AUGUST 4, 2017
Taking a medical history and collaborating with an interprofessional team are a few activities re
JUNE 13, 2014
Evidence continues to support that physical activity can help hold off the changes in the brain a
DECEMBER 17, 2014
In the absence of any new content on The Joint Commission's Physical Environment Portal (the PEP
AUGUST 25, 2016
by Brian Ward Many hospitals and clinics struggle with the same physical
JANUARY 28, 2021
by Brian Ward Many hospitals and clinics struggle with the same physical
JANUARY 10, 2021
NOVEMBER 5, 2014
I know some folks use the fiscal year (or as one boss a long time ago used to say, the physical y
NOVEMBER 29, 2018
By A.J. Plunkett (aplunkett@decisionhealth.com) With the physical enviro
AUGUST 1, 2019
JANUARY 28, 2015
Security programs must be comprehensive and dynamic. All administrative, physical
As we await new content on the PEP (aka the newly-popular Joint Commission offering, the Physical
JUNE 2, 2016
Resident and fellows already challenged with personal, physical, and economic stresses, are strai
APRIL 16, 2020
FEBRUARY 25, 2015
NOVEMBER 20, 2013
FEBRUARY 12, 2014
SEPTEMBER 23, 2015
The Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (ACDIS), the nation’s pre
FEBRUARY 16, 2015
DECEMBER 3, 2014
Caring for the obese patient requires many special considerations. A combination of physical and
DECEMBER 23, 2014
Improve your patients’ health with the Initial Preventive Physical Examination (IPPE) an
The ability of a hospital or health system to deliver quality clinical, financial, and op
DECEMBER 21, 2015
In November 2018 California suffered its deadliest wildfire in history, the Camp Fire. This singl
JANUARY 1, 2019
In November, California suffered its deadliest wildfire in history, the Camp Fire. This single fi
JANUARY 1, 2019