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By Jennifer Thew, RN Falls are a significant problem for adults age 65 and older. Accordi
OCTOBER 4, 2018
By Brian Ward In honor of National Falls Prevention Day on September 22,
When clinicians walk into a patient’s room at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston
JULY 28, 2016
Sentinel Event Alert aimed at preventing falls Editor's note:
APRIL 28, 2016
New research shows that infections can be an underlying cause of patient falls, according to a st
OCTOBER 14, 2015
Preventing Falls Preventing Falls
JANUARY 1, 2016
This is an excerpt from fall-prev
NOVEMBER 15, 2018
One year ago the patient fall rate at New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) in Wilmington,
AUGUST 20, 2014
Police are investigating the death of a man who died after falling from a sixth-floor window of M
MARCH 31, 2016
  Fall prevention
A window washer was critically injured August 5 after falling six stories at Chicago's Northweste
AUGUST 6, 2015
The Leapfrog Group’s latest Hospital Safety Scores reveal sluggish patient safety improveme
NOVEMBER 3, 2015
Hospitals have improved their processes care and safe practices, but they’ve got much work
NOVEMBER 4, 2014
It’s the role of home health aides to look for risk factors that could contribute to a fall
A study released by nonprofit organization Kaiser Health looked at hospitals across the country a
NOVEMBER 5, 2014
This week, the Leapfrog Group, a non-profit group that collects and reports data on hospital safe
NOVEMBER 3, 2016
A Minneapolis hospital narrowly avoided tragedy June 19 when a hillside overlooking the Mi
JUNE 25, 2014
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fined a southern New Jersey hospital
APRIL 21, 2016
This helpful tool from fall-preventio
DECEMBER 22, 2017
A prisoner who escaped custody Tuesday at a northern Virginia hospital with a guard’s gun w
APRIL 2, 2015
Use this chart to check worker safety training requirements for hospitals. This chart has been r
AUGUST 1, 2019
Hospitals in Connecticut reported record numbers of patients killed or seriously injured by hospi
JANUARY 7, 2015
Overall hospital prices declined 0.5% in January, and were 0.1% less than a year ago, the Bureau
Mold found in Staten Island University Hospital North’s maternity unit is being blamed for
JANUARY 3, 2019
The California Department of Public Health levied $775,000 in fines on eight hospitals that made
JULY 29, 2014
Fifty thousand fewer hospital patients died due to avoidable errors from 2011 to 2013, acc
DECEMBER 4, 2014
A new study by the Leapfrog Group has found that 53% of hospitals meet the group’s standard
JULY 19, 2016
According to the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) 2015 fourth quarter
MRSA Rates Dropped 87% in VA Hospital ICUs Tinker Ready, January 11, 2017
JANUARY 12, 2017
Safety-net hospitals are unfairly penalized by CMS’ Hospital Readmission Reduction Program
AUGUST 18, 2015
The Florida Hospital Association (FHA) recently reported o
DECEMBER 28, 2015
Both hospital inpatient and outpatient payments require substantial increases in payments in fisc
The Joint Commission continues to cite hospitals for the same life safety violations every year,
JANUARY 5, 2017
  The California Department of Health has fined Sutter General Hospital in Sacrame
MAY 14, 2014
The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that a medical staff can sue its hospital b
Patient falls are a fixture in The Joint Commission’s list of top 10 sentinel events; in f
DECEMBER 21, 2017
Unintended retention of a foreign body, patient falls, and wrong-site surgery top The Joint Commi
MARCH 8, 2018
Unintended retention of a foreign body, patient falls, and wrong-site surgery top The Joint Commi
MARCH 8, 2018
Unintended retention of a foreign body, patient falls, and wrong-site surgery top The Joint Commi
MARCH 6, 2018
At the end of a hospital stay, many patients find themselves overwhelmed by their experience as w
OCTOBER 20, 2016
Our hospice has a fair number of hospital GIP admissions in a large city area. The diagno
Nearly one in five Medicare patients fall prey to medically related injuries unrelated to their u
Critical care nurses at 42 hospitals nationwide developed patient care initiatives that substanti
APRIL 21, 2015
When someone falls, a number of things must be determined at once. The answers to some of these q
OCTOBER 1, 2019
When an inpatient experiences an adverse incident or a near miss, hospitals with appropriate pati
FEBRUARY 23, 2017
Comments on the IMPACT Act Cross-Setting Quality Measure: Falls with Major Injury are due October
The Joint Commission, American Hospital Association, and the Federation of American Hospitals sen
JULY 26, 2016
Last week, a patient at Chambersburg Hospital in Pennsylvania was shot after a violent altercatio
NOVEMBER 10, 2016
Many hospitals today use a hospitalist role in which an employed physician manages the care for p
By Christopher Cheney Vision-impaired hospital patients have worse clinical outcom
MAY 8, 2019
  Just because certain hospital hazards are commonplace doesn't mean surveyors wil
MAY 29, 2014
Experts weigh facility designs that can help an aging population access hospitals safely
JUNE 15, 2017
More than 2,500 general hospitals in the United States received Hospital Safety Scores, and altho
FEBRUARY 1, 2014
Maintenance of certification (MOC) exam scores are falling: First-time pass rates for those who
From HCAHPS to healthcare surveys, hospitals seem to be swimming in data. The question is, where
In the last week of September, CMS gave $347 million to 16 different hospital associations, Quali
OCTOBER 4, 2016
Mold found in Staten Island University Hospital North’s maternity unit is being blamed for
JANUARY 3, 2019
State law says hospitals must stay standing; here’s how they’re doing and lessons you
JANUARY 12, 2017
Under the proposed rule hospitals would have to make their 'real, negotiated prices known to pat
AUGUST 1, 2019
Core privileges Is it time to revisit your hospital's au
Stroke rates and death from strokes are falling, according to a study in the Journal of th
How would we code a trip and fall over a cat in ICD-10? You wou
For calendar years (CYs) 2010 and 2011, Medicare paid hospitals $711 million for claims that incl
By Michelle Clarke In 2008, New Jersey began requiring hospitals and nursing home to
APRIL 18, 2019
Massachusetts General Hospital, which fared poorly in its last inspection by a national accrediti
NOVEMBER 18, 2008
The responsibility of educating patients and their families often falls to nurses, from explainin
JANUARY 12, 2017
Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center (the Hospital), in Dearborn, Mich., is the latest facility to
As your hospital's emergency planner and safety professional, there's a lot on your plate these d
JUNE 30, 2016
  Hospitals and physicians will still continue to report CPT® codes f
CMS data shows cost disparities in home health services Not unlike hospit
Hospital engineers don’t have much time on their hands these days. So much information abou
APRIL 1, 2019
Hospital engineers don’t have much time on their hands these days. So much information abou
MAY 1, 2019
The following groups are holding meetings this fall. For additional information regarding chap
A woman was found wandering outside a Baltimore hospital wearing only a hospital gown and socks.
NOVEMBER 5, 2014
Adequate health literacy is a critical for patients leaving the hospital setting for the next lev
The benefits of mobility among hospitalized patients are well-known: decreased pressure ulcers,
Controversy flared this fall in Salt Lake City after police body camera footage of the July 26 a
OIG continues to eye Part A billing, hospitalizations of SNF residents in 2015
FEBRUARY 1, 2015
If your hospital is like most in the U.S., you've taken the lessons learned since last year's Ebo
OCTOBER 8, 2015
Unintended retention of foreign objects, patient falls, and suicide were the top three sentinel e
APRIL 21, 2015
With the exception of states in the Northeast and upper Midwest, states are falling below the rec
JANUARY 7, 2016
Quick, cheap, and effective: Oral care makes serious dent in hospital-acquired pneumonia
by Kirsten Dize Guidance on new items capturing information on falls, mobility,
A look at how local hospitals prepared for and managed the inclement weather
JANUARY 1, 2019
Assess all patient care areas in behavioral health units and psychiatric hospitals for possible l
FEBRUARY 1, 2018
by A.J. Plunkett (aplunkett@decisionhealth.com) Last fall, as CMS and ac
APRIL 23, 2020
by A.J. Plunkett (aplunkett@decisionhealth.com) Last fall, as CMS and ac
  Improving patient handoffs has long been on the radar of hospitals and health sy
MARCH 1, 2014
After a surgeon’s fall, one hospital in Georgia learned how expensive unsafe furniture can
APRIL 6, 2017
OCTOBER 28, 2015
by Chermain Cross, MBA, senior associate director GME/ME/CME/credentialing, NYC Health+Hospit
JANUARY 6, 2017
by A.J. Plunkett (aplunkett@decisionhealth.com) Review your hospital&rsq
JANUARY 14, 2021
by A.J. Plunkett (aplunkett@decisionhealth.com) Review your hospital&rsq
MARCH 4, 2021
Compliance MSPs, physicians, and hospital-owned clinics:
In the fall of 2015, the ACGME Board of Directors began a complete review of the Common Program
JANUARY 13, 2017
With a new flu season right around the corner, now is the time for hospitals and other healthcar
In the healthcare safety world, much attention is paid to the need for hospitals to ramp up their
Healthcare delivery has shifted in recent decades away from inpatient hospital care to a number o
Fall 2014 osteopathic medical college enrollment increased by 5.2% over 2013, according to data
With three new medical degree programs starting up in Texas by the fall of 2018, there is a growi
JULY 17, 2015
CDC reports falls leading cause of injury and death in older Americans
  Are hospitals considering the best setting for discharge?
SEPTEMBER 16, 2016
  Hospital Readmission Rates: Progressive Reductions
by Brian Ward It behooves all hospitals to make a plan for earthquake sa
DECEMBER 5, 2020
In the fall of 2015, the ACGME Board of Directors began a complete review of the Common Program R
JANUARY 13, 2017
Patient handoffs continue to be a major concern for hospitals. In September, The Joint Commission
NOVEMBER 1, 2017
Researchers at Stanford University found that hospital-employed physicians were much more likely
SEPTEMBER 24, 2015
JUNE 18, 2014
NOVEMBER 26, 2014
NOVEMBER 19, 2014
A critical question in medicine will come before the U.S. Supreme Court this fall: How much powe
Healthcare information technology systems are falling short when it comes to supporting physician
Efforts to improve healthcare price transparency are falling flat, according to a new analysis.
AUGUST 18, 2015
The Joint Commission has revised its policy for inclusion of physician practices in hospital and
NOVEMBER 7, 2013
The CMS will make data on eight hospital-acquired conditions available on its website, a year aft
  49 states have reduced avoidable hospital readmission rates
SEPTEMBER 16, 2016
  Eight ways to improve the transition process between hospitals and SNFs
  Health Systems, Hospitals and Post-Acute Providers: Making Integration Work
MARCH 31, 2017
  Improvements in preventable hospitalizations and promising trends for nursing home quality
  SNFs Seek Relief from Three-Day Hospital Stay Requirement
NOVEMBER 3, 2017
  Two CMS programs benefitting small rural hospitals have been extended through th
JUNE 19, 2014
After coming in second last year, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston was ranked best
JULY 23, 2015
FEBRUARY 25, 2015
by Josh Poltilove Have clinicians fill out M1910 (Fall risk assessment) prior to a
Starting in October, 2,592 hospitals will receive lower payments for Medicare patients due to pen
AUGUST 6, 2015
How is your hospital looking when it comes to Healthgrades quality ratings? Healt
NOVEMBER 10, 2015
Police are investigating a February 10 incident during which a man walked into Baptist Hospital i
FEBRUARY 11, 2016
A gas leak at a South Florida hospital led to an evacuation and road closure May 5, according to
MAY 7, 2015
Medicare patients at major teaching hospitals have better 30-day mortality rates for 15 common me
JUNE 2, 2017
In an age where violence is becoming the norm in public places, hospital administrators are makin
NOVEMBER 21, 2013
Hiring at hospitals across the nation saw a .24% jump in April. This means that some 10,000 more
Right dose, right drug: WHO challenges hospitals to cut med errors in half
 A report from a hospital safety watchdog group says that despite growing pressure to reduce
JULY 23, 2015
  A broken wrist due to a fall out of a grocery cart in a boarding school driveway
MARCH 5, 2014
A break room scuffle over a gun at a Dayton, Ohio veteran’s hospital led to the shoo
MAY 8, 2014
Federal regulators are reversing course and will resume publicly releasing data on hospital mista
SEPTEMBER 10, 2014
One quarter of the hospitals around the country have been left out of some of the biggest shifts
Hospitals with the worst rates of hospital-acquired infections (HAI) and patient injuries will lo
JUNE 24, 2014
A report released this week by the American Hospital Association (AHA) finds that hospital
MARCH 5, 2015
To pay for an emergency medicine residency position, Grand River Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario,
DECEMBER 9, 2016
A portion of a hospital in Marietta, Georgia was evacuated Sept. 16 after a fire was reported on
SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
Hospital Billing From A to Z is a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to hospital billing r
As U.S. hospitals struggle with an increasing number of patients who are showing up in their ERs
JULY 2, 2015
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will reward 1,800 hospitals through its va
OCTOBER 27, 2015
A Shriners Hospital in Spokane, Washington was put on lockdown due to a bomb threat February 24,
FEBRUARY 25, 2016
Police on September 7 captured a prisoner who escaped custody from a Wilmington, Ohio, hospital t
Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the holidays! Last fall, we welcomed Patient S
JANUARY 6, 2016
This fall saw more than 220 experts in healthcare, engineering, and business gather together for the
DECEMBER 29, 2017
Georgia hospitals could scale back their services under a plan unveiled Wednesday by Gov. Nathan
The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found that Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, Pa., part o
Hospital workers in the United States train on a regular basis for an emergency, but for the most
JULY 24, 2014
Safety net hospitals—those with a Medicare Disproportionate Share patient percentage in the
A person visiting a family member at a Phoenix hospital died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound
SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
A hospital system in Florida is using robot technology to help fight potential Ebola and other in
NOVEMBER 12, 2014
Four lawsuits were recently filed against UC Health, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Cent
JUNE 18, 2015
A patient who accused a nurse of sexually assaulting her is suing the hospital that hired the nu
MARCH 16, 2016
Firefighters were called to a fire at a Baltimore hospital April 27, according to a report from W
APRIL 28, 2016
  Upcoming payment model advances CMS' Initiative to Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations Among Nu
Officials believe lithium batteries may be to blame for a fire that started at a hospital in Sayr
JULY 21, 2016
Both organizations have changed their expectations on the defintion of a hospital. CMS’s ne
DECEMBER 12, 2017
When Milwaukee police responded to the neonatal unit at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, officer
NOVEMBER 20, 2013
Having a large city population makes a hospital more likely to face penalties for avoidable readm
DECEMBER 23, 2014
If you think active shooters can't hit your hospital, you might want to have a look at this Aug.
AUGUST 31, 2016
Hospital-based agencies are going to have more institutional admits than community admits. This m
Critical Access Hospital Version, Hospital Version, Hospital 2015 Update, Physician Servic
Hospitals hired nearly 13,000 more people in March than February and about 3,000 more people than
In the short term, hospitals may reap financial rewards by employing large numbers of physicians
A hospital in Kinston, North Carolina was locked down briefly November 28 after a teenager showed
DECEMBER 11, 2014
A Medicare analysis shows that New Jersey hospitals lead the way when it comes to the most avoida
DECEMBER 30, 2014
The CMS last week announced the final list of hospitals that are receiving a 1% penalty for havin
DECEMBER 23, 2014
A February 2015 Wall Street Journal article raises questions about whether some hospitals
A fire that broke out on the 10th floor of the Harlem Hospital Center in New York City March 4 wa
MARCH 10, 2016
A hospital in Tucson, Arizona, was locked down on the night of August 30, after reports of a shoo
AUGUST 31, 2016
Two nurses who were held hostage in May by an inmate receiving medical care at an Illinois hospit
JUNE 1, 2017
Hospitals are continually working to reduce the risk of patient suicide in their facilities, but
OCTOBER 26, 2017
The new Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston has only been open for 18 months, and already
NOVEMBER 13, 2014
Medicare is lowering all its payments to 758 hospitals by 1% over the course of the federal fisca
DECEMBER 14, 2015
A new report out from the CDC estimates that about one in every 25 hospital patients contr
APRIL 2, 2014
About 90% of the hospitals in Missouri have begun implementing a new emergency announcemen
MAY 1, 2014
St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse, New York, passed a follow-up survey ordere
JUNE 17, 2014
Of all the Recovery Auditor denials, hospitals reported appealing about 50% with more than a 50%
California hospitals reported more than 6,200 adverse events such as bedsores and retention of fo
NOVEMBER 25, 2014
A maintenance worker at a hospital in Lubbock, Texas was injured after firefighters responded to
DECEMBER 10, 2014
Hospital admissions declined 2% in 2013 to 35.4 million, according to the American Hospita
JANUARY 29, 2015
  As many rural hospitals in Georgia struggle to remain open, the state’s De
Police were investigating a shooting at Highland Hospital in Oakland, California on March 9, acco
MARCH 11, 2015
Workers building a new parking garage at Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae, California, set off
SEPTEMBER 10, 2015
Hackers targeted two southern California hospitals—Chino Valley Medical Center and Dessert
MARCH 24, 2016
Hackers offered a deal to a Washington, D.C. hospital that has been working around a paralyzed co
APRIL 7, 2016
According to a study published this week, seven of the top 10 most profitable hospitals in 2013 w
A fire June 15 caused Touchette Regional Hospital in Centreville, Illinois, to lose power, affect
JUNE 16, 2016
A Houston hospital was placed on lockdown September 19 after shots rang out from three SUVs outsi
SEPTEMBER 22, 2016
According to the 2016 Hospital Security Survey, compiled by Health Facilities Management
OCTOBER 13, 2016
A Rockford, Illinois hospital held a large-scale evacuation drill September 21 to help prepare fo
SEPTEMBER 22, 2016
Nurses at Good Samaritan Hospital and Regional Medical Center in San Jose held an informational p
JULY 11, 2019
Seattle Children’s hospital said this week one patient died and five others have been infec
JULY 11, 2019
It’s been almost five months after CMS publicly released its hospital star ratings system a
NOVEMBER 29, 2016
An interesting study out of Canada suggests that patients released from one hospital and r
MAY 7, 2014
Hospitals have increasingly acquired physician practices during the past decade, arguing that do
The Joint Commission last week announced revisions to its medical staff standards for hospitals a
It’s common for patients to come into a hospital with injuries, but too often they’r
Hartford Hospital, Hartford, Conn., and EMC Corporation agreed to pay a
The Leapfrog Group’s fourth safety report card for general acute care hospitals, released W
Ten years after becoming the first state requiring its hospitals and ASCs to publicly subm
APRIL 3, 2014
Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, R.I., has been ordered by the state Department of Hea
APRIL 8, 2014
Hospitals have increasingly acquired physician practices during the past decade, arguing that do
Hospital outpatient therapeutic services, such as ED or clinic visits, that are paid under
A hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee is preparing for the opening of a new heart and vascu
JUNE 19, 2014
Police are investigating what is being called a murder-suicide July 8 at Deaconess Hospital in Sp
JULY 10, 2014
A fast-moving wildfire forced the evacuation of at least 40 patients from a long-term care hospit
AUGUST 7, 2014
A father who attempted to take his newborn son out of a San Jose, California hospital against the
AUGUST 13, 2014
A shooting at a Stratford, New Jersey hospital Wednesday morning left a woman dead and a man inju
AUGUST 28, 2014
Infection control (IC) policies in the ICU vary widely from hospital to hospital, a new study sho
AUGUST 27, 2014
Infection control (IC) policies in the ICU vary widely from hospital to hospital, a new study sho
The Joint Commission revised its requirements for hospitals and critical access hospitals (CAH) t
Federal regulators are reversing course and will resume publicly releasing data on hospital mist
A powerful gas tank truck explosion rocked a children’s hospital in Mexico City January 29,
JANUARY 29, 2015
When we think of the role that hospitals play, the first thing we think about is the patient, and
AUGUST 7, 2014
The Teaching Hospital Council of Florida and the Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida r
MARCH 13, 2015
Hospitals worldwide got a wake-up call about dealing with potentially explosive and flammable sub
FEBRUARY 11, 2015
Fifteen surgeons and 17 hospitals are accused of conspiring with a company that distributed fake
JULY 23, 2015
A study of New Hampshire hospitals by the Foundation for Healthy Communities (FHC) shows that in
Seattle Children’s Hospital is alerting 12,000 families after it found that some of its sur
The Hospital Guide to Contemporary Utilization Review is a comprehensive resource designed to ide
SEPTEMBER 15, 2015
Seattle Children’s Hospital is alerting 12,000 families after it found that some of its sur
The U.S. Department of Justice has reached a settlement with 32 hospitals in 15 states to resolve
DECEMBER 31, 2015
A hospital in Los Angeles paid a ransom equivalent to around $17,000 in bitcoins to get its compu
FEBRUARY 18, 2016
A security guard at an Akron, Ohio hospital was critically injured February 16 when a behavioral
FEBRUARY 18, 2016
Additional police will be assigned at a Paramus, New Jersey hospital, and consultants will be hir
MAY 19, 2016
A parking lot at Lawrence (Mass.) General Hospital was teeming with police, fire, and ambulance w
AUGUST 25, 2016
Violence in hospitals continues to be a growing public health concern. In recent years, attacks o
SEPTEMBER 15, 2016
A new report from The Joint Commission finds that U.S. hospitals are improving patient safety and
NOVEMBER 8, 2016
A hospital in Missouri at risk of losing its Medicare funding within the month installed an inter
SEPTEMBER 13, 2017
“If some parts of the hospitals are 24 hour, why not all? Why can’t the hospit
APRIL 16, 2015
Hospital readmissions are decreasing, which may be the result of an increase of hospitals classi
DECEMBER 4, 2015
A survey by the American Hospital Association found that hospitals appeal nearly half of the deni
DECEMBER 22, 2015
“Many prominent hospitals that are in the top echelon of other quality rating reports, and
APRIL 14, 2016
With spending on inpatient hospital services expected to increase by $746 million next year, CMS
AUGUST 9, 2016
CMS will delay an update to its controversial hospital star rating system for the second time in
OCTOBER 10, 2017
It’s often taken for granted that dirty laundry in a hospital will be properly clean
MAY 21, 2014
Maryland hospitals are proving that under pressure, it is possible to get just about all h
JUNE 11, 2014
Patients in Tennessee hospitals are 12 percent more likely to contract a MRSA infection than most
AUGUST 27, 2014
A California hospital continued to allow surgeries in its operating rooms earlier this year even
OCTOBER 22, 2014
Two people, including a worker at a hospital in Lansing, Michigan, were killed October 21 in what
OCTOBER 28, 2014
Holy Cross Hospital of Fort Lauderdale has received approval from the ACGME to start an in
DECEMBER 5, 2014
In an effort to help seniors stay healthy after a hospital discharge, a new program at Eskenazi H
JANUARY 27, 2015
Five ER staff were sacked at a German hospital for posting humiliating photos of patients online,
The Liberian man being treated for Ebola at a Texas hospital was left in an open area of the emer
OCTOBER 15, 2014
  Hospitals are making progress in equitable care, according to results of a
JUNE 19, 2014
Even amidst today's sweeping medical advances and expansive telehealth options, reducing hospital
  Massachusetts General Hospital will begin the uncommon practice of questioning i
JULY 2, 2014
Patient safety groups say hospitals and public health authorities are holding back key informatio
MARCH 10, 2015
Many hospitals across California are not ready for a major earthquake, according to a report from
FEBRUARY 11, 2015
The Joint Commission released prepublication standards for its new Acute Stroke-Ready Hospital di
FEBRUARY 3, 2015
Pay for performance programs such as the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP) link the
An Ohio hospital has slashed its readmission rate thanks to an innovative program that uses colle
SEPTEMBER 22, 2015
P4P programs such as the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP) link the payment hospital
SEPTEMBER 29, 2015
P4P programs such as the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP) link the payment hospital
OCTOBER 6, 2015
Hospitals are safer than they used to be, thanks to a drop in the number of hospital-acquired con
NOVEMBER 3, 2015
Boston firefighters responded to a lab fire at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in the Brighton area of t
JUNE 30, 2016
On July 27, CMS publicly released its hospital star ratings system on its Hospital Compare websit
AUGUST 2, 2016
Officials at the Utah hospital where a nurse was arrested in July for refusing to draw blood fro
Last week, CMS issued a proposed rule to bundle hospital payments for services related to hip and
The nursing shortage is becoming a major issue again and rural hospitals are being hit hardest.
FEBRUARY 18, 2016
At the American Hospital Association Leadership Summit in San Diego, two hospital leaders,
JULY 28, 2016
A hospital in California’s Napa Valley went without water for four days after a water main
JUNE 8, 2017
Hospitals continued to struggle with safety issues in 2018, according to The Joint Commission&rsq
APRIL 4, 2019
Unprecedented wildfires in California have forced hospitals to not only test their emergency plan
FEBRUARY 1, 2018
The old adage that grades aren’t everything appears to be true for hospitals as well as sc
NOVEMBER 7, 2013
Three hospitals in Texas are being investigated in the case of a neurosurgeon who lost his licens
MARCH 12, 2014
One year after parts of Illinois experienced the worst flooding in its history, hospitals
APRIL 24, 2014
Five years after an outbreak at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans led to the deaths
APRIL 22, 2014
Thirty-four percent of rural hospitals and 32% of urban hospitals had at least one telehealth ap
An active shooter at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore in 2010 set the groundwork for a d
MAY 8, 2014
Security officers at a hospital in Seattle will begin to carry Taser guns on them to help
JUNE 5, 2014
After watching hospitals in New Orleans flounder in the wake of flooding from Hurricane Ka
JUNE 19, 2014
Hospitals in the U.S. have dealt with Ebola scares at least 68 times over the last three weeks, a
AUGUST 21, 2014
There wasn’t really an active shooter at The Valley Hospital’s Robert and Audrey Luck
OCTOBER 30, 2014
U.S. hospitals are reluctant to become part of a U.S. network of facilities specializing in the c
DECEMBER 3, 2014
Military hospitals across the nation fail to look into unexpected deaths of patients, and do not
JULY 2, 2014
The explosion that demolished a Mexico City children’s hospital January 29, killing 5 and i
FEBRUARY 18, 2015
With record snowfalls piling up in over the last couple weeks, Boston hospitals faced a tran
FEBRUARY 11, 2015
A recently released study finds that hospitals aren’t doing all they can to prevent deadly
Police fatally shot a man Wednesday at a hospital in Ontario, Canada, according to a report from
MAY 21, 2015
October 23 marks a somber anniversary for the staff at Napa State Hospital in California. In 2010
OCTOBER 22, 2015
Hospital safety consultant Steve MacArthur keeps tabs on the latest news and trends affecting hos
MARCH 16, 2017
Nurses at the University of Chicago Medical Center held a rally outside the hospital on Monday to
JULY 24, 2019
By John Palmer California hospitals already dealing with the effects of
JUNE 7, 2020
A federal inspection of the Veterans Administration Hospital in West Haven, Conn. found poor clea
FEBRUARY 20, 2014
A kitchen fire at a hospital in Norman, Okla. was extinguished Tuesday night, forcing the
MARCH 27, 2014
A man has died after shooting himself in the lobby of a hospital emergency room in Woodbur
MARCH 27, 2014
Community factors explain a substantial amount of variation in hospital readmission rates, accord
The length of time that a nurse has been on the job at a particular hospital might be dire
APRIL 16, 2014
Most hospital policies regard the autopsy as dead since the mid-1970s, when The Joint Commission
A newly released Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) survey shows that hospitals ar
JULY 2, 2014
A patient at a New York hospital remained in isolation Tuesday as doctors awaited test results to
AUGUST 6, 2014
If you’ve ever wondered what a flash flood can do to a hospital in a heartbeat, take a look
AUGUST 14, 2014
A man who threatened to jump from a Miami hospital parking garage Sept. 26 is safe, according to
OCTOBER 2, 2014
A young child from African nation of Liberia was being held in isolation at a hospital in Dover,
OCTOBER 8, 2014
A record number of hospitals were fined by Medicare for having too many 30-day readmissions, acco
OCTOBER 7, 2014
A second health care worker who cared for an Ebola patient at a Dallas hospital has contracted th
OCTOBER 15, 2014
A firefighter is being credited with quick thinking and preventing a patient at an Alabama hospit
NOVEMBER 19, 2014
Observation status is not working as a way of classifying hospital patients and should be
NOVEMBER 14, 2014
Researchers studying the impact of Medicare readmission penalties found that hospitals in
NOVEMBER 20, 2014
A standoff at a hospital in Tomball, Texas ended peacefully January 11 when a distraught man who
JANUARY 15, 2015
The temperature is rising in the standoff between hospitals and healthcare workers who are fighti
OCTOBER 14, 2014
Physician engagement is vital to a hospital's or system's success. In one hospital system studie
A man was burned after a fire started in the ED of Milwaukee’s Aurora Sinai Hospital on Jan
FEBRUARY 4, 2015
  A recently published study found that patients admitted to hospitals on the week
APRIL 23, 2015
Acute care hospitals that use reusable sharps containers saw higher rates of Clostridium difficil
JULY 1, 2015
A woman who was being evaluated for mental issues at an Elizabeth City, North Carolina hospital a
JUNE 18, 2015
A fire in the laundry facility at Delaware State Hospital in New Castle July 29 slightly damaged
JULY 30, 2015
Police are investigating after a patient who was discharged from Memorial Hermann Hospital in Hou
Summertime in Chicago has brought a rise in gang-related shootings, and many hospitals are faced
AUGUST 11, 2016
A close call at a Lumberton, North Carolina hospital sent smoke pouring out and critical patients
OCTOBER 20, 2016
A hospital in Missouri had been given until September 22 to bring its operation into compliance w
SEPTEMBER 28, 2017
To protect hospital employees’ and patients’ safety, the nurses at Oroville Hospital
JULY 18, 2019
In just one week, Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego uncovered multiple breaches of PHI cau
Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island agreed to a $150,000 settlement with the Massachuset
Consumers looking for a hospital will no longer have to sort through confusing websites and pages
Data used to gauge and rank the safety of hospitals are woefully inaccurate, according to Johns
By Christopher Cheney, HealthLeaders Media In-hospital delirium
APRIL 23, 2019
By Christopher Cheney, HealthLeaders Media In-hospital delirium
APRIL 25, 2019
The American Hospital Association (AHA) along with four hospital associations and several hospita
Incident at hospital where surgeon was killed renews security debate When a man upset o
MARCH 9, 2017
A bill to reauthorize funding for GME at children’s hospitals has reached the U.S. House of
NOVEMBER 22, 2013
In what seemingly is becoming a common headline in hospital safety news, more hospitals&md
MARCH 20, 2014
A bill to support GME training in children’s hospitals is headed to President Obama&
APRIL 11, 2014
Two physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital must pay the family of a Plymouth, Mass.,
APRIL 23, 2014
The Ohio Hospital Association and the state health department are urging Ohio’s hosp
APRIL 16, 2014
A bill to support GME training in children’s hospitals is headed to President Obama&rsquo
APRIL 11, 2014
In 2012, CMS established the Hospital Outpatient Payment Panel as an independent review en
Fires in hospitals are not a common occurrence, and they are designed that way. Since a great maj
OCTOBER 9, 2014
The Joint Commission this week announced revisions for prepublication for psychiatric hospitals.
A cardiovascular surgeon at a prominent Boston hospital was shot and killed by a man who then tur
JANUARY 21, 2015
CMS made incorrect payments to hospitals for established patient clinic visits estimated a
JANUARY 21, 2015
The American Hospital Association’s (AHA) December 12 quarterly RACTrac survey
  Multi-hospital systems will be allowed to use a unified and integrated medical s
As hospitals acquire more physician offices, patients are often paying more, not less, for their
Nearly half of U.S. hospitals aren’t taking key steps to prevent a kind of gut infection th
MAY 7, 2015
In the first three years after implementation, incentives and penalties tied to the Hospit
OCTOBER 7, 2015
A woman walking from her car at Aultman Hospital in Canton, Ohio, was abducted and assaulted Augu
AUGUST 4, 2016
CMS views readmission rates as a key quality metric for hospitals, which is part of the reason so
AUGUST 2, 2016
A San Antonio hospital is beefing up security after several close calls involving employee safety
OCTOBER 27, 2016
Let Hospital Staff Lead Quality Improvement Efforts Tinker Ready, November 10, 201
DECEMBER 1, 2016
The Acute Hospital Care At Home program will help health systems and hospitals manage inpatie
DECEMBER 3, 2020
  The American Hospital Association (AHA), along with four hospital associations a
APRIL 23, 2014
"Not in our hospital" and the common misconception that hospitals are considered neutra
AUGUST 25, 2016
Patients who underwent surgery at Goshen (Indiana) Hospital between April 1 and September 30 may
NOVEMBER 27, 2019
About 50,000 people are alive today because U.S. hospitals committed 17% fewer medical errors in
Consumers looking for information about hospitals can now consult a simple star rating system rol
For most of us, a prolonged power outage is at worst a major nuisance. For hospitals, it's quite
SEPTEMBER 17, 2015
For most of us, a prolonged power outage is at worst a major nuisance. For hospitals, it's quite
SEPTEMBER 17, 2015
The University of Central Florida (UCF) College of Medicine in Orlando and the hospital network H
OCTOBER 16, 2015
Nearly 700 rural hospitals are at risk of closure, according to a
Dear readers, Earlier this week, several U.S. senators joined the American Hospit
APRIL 14, 2016
“Teaching hospitals and medical schools in our academic medical centers provide everything
APRIL 29, 2016
This month, CMS plans to add a new “five-star” hospital rating system to its
APRIL 19, 2016
Hospitals face many challenges in regard to active shooter risk such as providing care to victim
JANUARY 5, 2017
"Threatening hospital graduate medical education funding, which is critical to the training
APRIL 21, 2017
  As hospitals in Puerto Rico continue to struggle with recovery in the aftermath o
APRIL 1, 2018
The eight year partnership between San Diego International Airport and local hospitals
APRIL 1, 2019
As California hospitals rush toward seismic compliance, interesting technology is being introduc
DECEMBER 1, 2017
One person is reported being injured after a shooting at a Texas hospital ER late Tuesd
MARCH 20, 2014
A man entered Johns Hopkins Hospital with a gun early Tuesday morning and is believed to h
APRIL 17, 2014
An early morning parking deck fire at the University of North Carolina Hospital in Chapel Hill sh
JULY 10, 2014
Ten hospitals in the Tennessee Surgical Quality Collaborative (TSQC) reduced surgical complicatio
AUGUST 5, 2014
The CMS made hospital quality improvement a major part of its fiscal year 2015 Inpatient Prospect
AUGUST 12, 2014
A transformer fire caused a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida to lose power September 2, causing
The CDC confirmed Sept. 30 that a hospital patient in Dallas is the first Ebola victim to be diag
OCTOBER 1, 2014
CDC Director Thomas Frieden, MD, said his agency is working to improve the way hospitals handle E
OCTOBER 14, 2014
The first U.S. patient to be diagnosed with Ebola has died in a Texas hospital, according to a re
OCTOBER 9, 2014
A second nurse who contracted Ebola after treating a patient at a Dallas hospital has been declar
OCTOBER 28, 2014
Adding one extra day to a hospital stay can help reduce mortality and readmission rates fo
NOVEMBER 6, 2014
A suburban New Orleans hospital in briefly went into lockdown April 13 after a man with a rifle c
APRIL 16, 2015
The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual is a comprehensive resource that
The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual is a comprehensive resource that
A Leapfrog Group report found that hospitals need to improve high-risk surgery patient outcomes.
MARCH 17, 2015
New York Methodist Hospital was looking for a way to reduce readmissions among congestive heart f
The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual Guide is a comprehensive resource that s
FEBRUARY 24, 2015
The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual Guide is a comprehensive resource
FEBRUARY 10, 2015
The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual is a comprehensive resource that
The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual is a comprehensive resource that
The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual is a comprehensive resource that
The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual is a comprehensive resource that
The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual is a comprehensive resource that supplem
The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual is a comprehensive resource that supplem
 A car fire damaged several cars at a University of Michigan Hospital parking garage in Ann
AUGUST 20, 2015
The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual is a comprehensive resource that supplements of i
A federal judge, finding in favor of hospitals, rejected CMS’s arguments that it met all le
A new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report examining the first three years of Hospital V
OCTOBER 7, 2015
Is there a magic bullet when it comes to reducing your hospital’s readmission rates? New re
OCTOBER 20, 2015
A new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report examining the first three years of Hospital V
OCTOBER 6, 2015
The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual is a comprehensive resource that supplements of i
NOVEMBER 10, 2015
The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual is a comprehensive resource that supplem
DECEMBER 15, 2015
Patients who live in rural areas are now driving even further for obstetric care as rural hospit
FEBRUARY 24, 2016
Fire crews fought a blaze that broke out at a hospital in Largo, Fla., on April 14, according to
APRIL 14, 2016
The amount of revenue physicians generate for their hospitals is on the rise, according to data f
APRIL 14, 2016
There's a reason that hospitals practice evacuating patients in a hurry in case of a disaster. In
MAY 5, 2016
A May 10 fire at a Knoxville, Tennessee hospital is being blamed on a patient, according to a rep
MAY 19, 2016
A fire at a West Texas hospital on August 13 forced more than 60 patients on three floors to be m
AUGUST 18, 2016
Nearly 95% of medical schools and teaching hospitals offer their residents 10 or less personal da
OCTOBER 14, 2016
State law says hospitals must stay standing; here’s how they’re doing and lessons you
JANUARY 12, 2017
An assessment of the frequency of hospital-acquired conditions (HAC) before and after resident du
MAY 12, 2017
You ask: The Acute Care Hospitalization measure is now weighted at 35% in value-based purcha
OIG posts Medicare Compliance Review of Saint Luke's Hospital On Augus
Staff and patients at hospitals can usually count on a certain level of security when they come s
MARCH 10, 2016
By John Commins Hospital admissions have rebounded somewhat since
OCTOBER 22, 2020
By Alexandra Wilson Pecci, HealthLeaders Media Roughly 30% of hospitals
FEBRUARY 18, 2021
Dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew last October forced a North Carolina hospital to
AUGUST 31, 2017
HCPro live webcast E/M Coding for Hospitals and Phys
HCPro live webcast E/M Coding for Hospitals and Phys
Q: If a hospital admission starts the 60 day spell of illness, then do days sp
DECEMBER 5, 2014
This morning, some of you may have received an issue of Hospital Safety Insider from last
APRIL 2, 2015
As a safety professional in a hospital, you've undoubtedly thought about fire and explosion safet
MARCH 26, 2015
All cause hospital-wide readmissions can be a major headache for hospitals. So Health
FEBRUARY 24, 2015
The University of Vermont Health Network-Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital in Plattsburgh, New
JULY 24, 2015
OCTOBER 7, 2015
OCTOBER 21, 2015
OCTOBER 21, 2015
NOVEMBER 4, 2015
By Eunice Moore During the transition from hospital to home--or a skilled nursin
DECEMBER 16, 2015
Another hospital lost its attempt to push through the backlog of denied claims appeals recently.
Between 2010 and 2015, hospital readmission rates have dropped an average of 8% nationally, with
SEPTEMBER 20, 2016
Facilities look to expand with technology, safety, and flexibility in mind Hospitals lo
MARCH 23, 2017
Want to improve your infection control? Consider your hospital floors. A study pub
For several years now, California hospitals have been in a mad dash not only to meet seismic stan
JANUARY 1, 2018
In the scenario you discuss, your agency had a patient that was a full admission to the hospital. Th
Hospital ER staff train hard to respond to almost any imaginable incident—it’s part o
JUNE 8, 2017
About 90% of hospitals and other healthcare facilities reported using locum tenens physicians at
MARCH 14, 2014
Stanford Hospital & Clinics in California and two of its vendors could pay more than $4.1 mil
Medication reconciliation is an important process all hospitals must excel at, but a new report f
AUGUST 5, 2014
A significant portion of updates in the Fiscal Year 2015 IPPS final rule pertain to the Hospital
OSHA has penalized a hospital in the Boston area $28,000 for several violations of the agency&rsq
AUGUST 21, 2014
A new report from the Department of Health and Human Services says hospitals in the tri-state New
SEPTEMBER 18, 2014
Hospital Billing From A to Z  
A man who was a patient at a Highland Park, Illinois hospital was shot and killed by police a day
NOVEMBER 5, 2014
The “cold war” between hospital management teams and physician communities may be th
A security video in a hospital in Golden Valley, Minnesota, captured the moment that a patient at
NOVEMBER 13, 2014
Any hospital safety officer will tell you one of the things he or she dreads the most is an unann
APRIL 2, 2015
First-person accounts of clinical experiences help Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) nurses re
MARCH 27, 2015
A comparative study at two Australian hospitals suggests that hospitals’ incident data have
MARCH 25, 2015
A comparative study at two Australian hospitals suggests that hospitals’ incident data have
MARCH 25, 2015
Patient satisfaction scores only modestly improve after hospitals are remodeled, research shows.
MARCH 6, 2015
A study from the University of Michigan Medical School found no indication that 263 hospitals par
FEBRUARY 24, 2015
The recent murder of a surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital has Boston healthcare facili
FEBRUARY 5, 2015
Nine out of 10 infection control professionals leaders say their hospitals are better prepared th
NOVEMBER 5, 2015
Hospitals could soon be required to develop a discharge plan within 24 hours of admission or regi
Boca Raton Regional Hospital in Florida was overpaid $2.6 million over two years, according to an
The Hospital Guide to Contemporary Utilization Review is a comprehensive resource design
DECEMBER 22, 2015
Patient attacks are so common at a Lakewood, Washington psychiatric hospital that parents of pati
JANUARY 7, 2016
A group of students are helping a Grand Rapids, Michigan, hospital help their patients who are pr
MARCH 17, 2016
Two unarmed hospital guards are being hailed as heroes for their work at the Titusville, Florida,
JULY 28, 2016
Hospital volunteers, health professionals, and local fire departments participated in an extensiv
AUGUST 25, 2016
In early 2014, the medical intensive care unit at the Mayo Clinic Hospital contributed 25% of the
AUGUST 18, 2016
If you subscribe to HCPro’s monthly Briefings on Hospital Safety newsletter, you will recal
AUGUST 2, 2017
After sustaining serious damage Wednesday from Hurricane Michael, two Florida hospitals have evac
OCTOBER 11, 2018
BY A.J. PLUNKETT (APLUNKETT@H3.GROUP) Hospitals may find themselves in t
DECEMBER 1, 2018
By Steven Porter A study that found independent hospital accreditation c
NOVEMBER 20, 2018
Dear readers: Briefings on Hospital Safety has been helping hospitals navigate Life Safe
JUNE 1, 2019
Seattle Children’s Hospital shut down four of its 14 operating rooms (OR) this week after m
MAY 23, 2019
Hospitals may find themselves directly in the line of fire as CMS ramps up its oversight of The J
DECEMBER 1, 2018
Hospitals may find themselves directly in the line of fire as CMS ramps up its oversight of The J
DECEMBER 1, 2018
By John Commins Using financial penalties to reduce hospital read
JANUARY 3, 2019
By Jack O’Brien About a quarter of hospitals have access to telest
JUNE 4, 2020