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Baylor College of Medicine conducted an edu/news/surgery/human-errors-ad
SEPTEMBER 10, 2019
By Michelle Clarke A new report, "edu/sites/default
MARCH 20, 2019
  Medicare's prior authorization program may continue under GAO recommendation
  Affordable Care Act payment model continues to improve care, lower costs
AUGUST 12, 2016
  Physicians and health care providers continue to improve quality of care, lower costs
AUGUST 26, 2016
  CMS launches three new policies, continuing the shift to value-based care
DECEMBER 22, 2016
The growth of managed care continues to grow due to the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable C
OCTOBER 24, 2014
Identify three things that are monitored on a continual basis while a patient is receiving anesth
Junior physicians (i.e., residents) in Britain vowed to continue their opposition to a new employ
FEBRUARY 12, 2016
Providers should continue educating coders and physicians to avoid the problems that were
The controversy around Medicare's Recovery Audit Contractor program continues; a judge has ruled
If the patient does not require a skilled bath, can our agency continue to provide this u
NOVEMBER 20, 2013
"Commitment to continuity of care reflects the highest ideals of our profession. The questi
MAY 13, 2016
As we continue our (hopefully not futile) attempts to peel back the layers of the current Joint C
MAY 18, 2017
"We will just continue to raise funds, we will do whatever we can to secure funds … W
SEPTEMBER 29, 2017
Medicare officials continue to cite an “improvement standard” as a reason for
OCTOBER 31, 2014
RAPs will continue to be available under the HHGM in 2019. But CMS believes—based upon data
Iowa continues to see a steady increase in its supply of physicians, despite gloomy predictions
The July 13th event will continue the White House’s year-long effort to l
The Joint Commission continues to cite hospitals for the same life safety violations every year,
JANUARY 5, 2017
Hospitals should have processes in place that continually monitor for specific types of events, t
JUNE 17, 2014
“If you like MOC, no doubt you should continue completing it. But, shouldn’t practici
JUNE 11, 2015
Integrating a continuity of operations (COOP) program into a healthcare environment can overwhelm
SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
The healthcare industry is continuously evolving, and health information technology (HIT) is chan
The 2016 OPPS proposed rule is likely to continue CMS' trend of expanded packaging and fea
  Organizations must continue to educate and train staff throughout the transition
Q:  When a Part A resident exhaust their Part A days and needs continued thera
“We continue to have concerns that the specifics of our standards are not achieving the g
MARCH 21, 2014
Medications may be increasingly less affordable if current trends continue, according to the
In recent years, the skilled nursing reimbursement system has continually evolved, and to find a
“As we continue to build a movement of wellness and resilience in medical education, we sh
“Without additional federal funding, we’re not going to be able to continue to grow a
SEPTEMBER 30, 2016
Although the recertification process applies to all home health services that plan to continue in
I’ve been watching this whole thing unfold for a really long time and I continue to be curi
APRIL 6, 2017
In an effort to ensure that we continue to best serve your needs through your Beacon Institute me
Hospitals are continually working to reduce the risk of patient suicide in their facilities, but
OCTOBER 26, 2017
The Patient Safety Movement plans to continue to aggressively pursue its efforts to reduce and el
JANUARY 24, 2019
MAY 14, 2014
MAY 28, 2014
MAY 21, 2014
Long-term care workers continued to have low rates of flu vaccination last season, despite
SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
A California hospital continued to allow surgeries in its operating rooms earlier this year even
OCTOBER 22, 2014
Finding effective ways to continuously remind physicians of documentation improvement methods can
CMS continues to update payment logic for comprehensive APCs (C-APC) with additional chang
The number of solo and small practices continues to dwindle in the U.S., and the pace of consolid
APRIL 9, 2014
The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) continues to target fraudulent Kwashiorkor claims. This
The following is an excerpt from continuous-gme-
APRIL 26, 2019
DECEMBER 17, 2014
The trend of consolidation in the healthcare industry continues and its merits are still being de
JUNE 26, 2014
The popularity and growth of retail medical clinics and pharmacies continue to increase. And now
JUNE 18, 2015
On September 21, CMS released a fact sheet stating Medicare Advantage and Part D will continue to
As the debate over allowing residents to work longer shifts continues, a study published in the
MARCH 11, 2016
In their pursuit of continuing relevance in an ever-changing regulatory landscape, The Joint Comm
MAY 12, 2016
Violence in hospitals continues to be a growing public health concern. In recent years, attacks o
SEPTEMBER 15, 2016
Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from The Guide for Graduate Medical Edu
JULY 22, 2020
MAY 7, 2014
This week, physicians voted during the AMA Annual Meeting to continue investigating ma
Despite warnings issued since 1996, ISMP continues to receive reports of severe harm and deat
DECEMBER 9, 2015
Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from The Complete Guide to Continuous G
JUNE 10, 2020
The Company was founded in 1986 by Jennifer Cofer, a nationally recognized authority in health information management, with the launch of Medical Record Briefing, a newsletter for medical records professionals that continues to be one of the Company’s flagship products.
JANUARY 6, 2009
As the CDC and international medical community continues to learn how to handle the spread of COV
MARCH 5, 2020
  Organizations must continue to educate and train staff throughout the transition
JUNE 24, 2015
Due to the continued delay in awarding new Recovery Auditor (RA) contracts, CMS made modification
At HCPro's Accreditation Specialist Boot Camp, we continue to receive questions about standing or
By Dan O’Connor, RN As health information technology (IT) continues
AUGUST 11, 2016
CMS continues the expansion of pay-for-performance (P4P) programs in the 2015 IPPS final rule. By
CMS continues the expansion of pay-for-performance (P4P) programs in the 2015 IPPS final r
AUGUST 27, 2014
CMS continues the expansion of pay-for-performance (P4P) programs in the 2015 IPPS final rule. By
Beginning March 1, 2015, the number of continuing education units (CEUs) required to recertify the C
  Our continuing coverage of the survey wars brings us to the June 4 edition of Jo
JUNE 19, 2014
I suspect that the conversations regarding the number of EC and LS findings are likely to continu
FEBRUARY 26, 2015
Medicare Trustees Report shows continued slow cost growth On July 22, C
Medicare Trustees Report shows continued slow cost growth On July 22, CM
  CMS continues expand its ICD-10 Clinical Concepts Series for specialties on
AUGUST 26, 2015
The 2014 CDI Salary Survey illustrated that while the bulk of CDI specials continues to earn roug
OCTOBER 1, 2015
As we continue our crawl (albeit an accelerated one) towards CMS adoption of the 2012 edition of
MAY 5, 2016
In regards to continuation and duration of services, any suggestions for what the doctor
In our intermittently continuing series on the (final!) adoption of the 2012 Life Safety Code(r),
OCTOBER 27, 2016
Life safety concerns continue to be a central focus for healthcare accrediting agencies. Life saf
OCTOBER 13, 2016
 The CoPs make clear that the plan of care will continue to be based on the comprehensive as
Eyewash stations continue to confuse and confound healthcare organizations (HCO). Not only can th
APRIL 2, 2018
You note that agencies have continued to improve on Home Health Compare data across the board &md
No. I recommend you continue with utilizing non-clinicians in intake. You need to provide the rig
OIG continues to eye Part A billing, hospitalizations of SNF residents in 2015
FEBRUARY 1, 2015
By A.J. Plunkett (aplunkett@decisionhealth.com) Expect CMS to continue i
NOVEMBER 10, 2019
Just as government healthcare reimbursement methods continue to evolve on the inpatient side, phy
Physician groups and other stakeholders continue to respond to CMS’ release of  the
Be aware that OSHA is continuing to cite healthcare organizations for not protecting their staff
MAY 24, 2018
According to 49.8% of 592 survey respondents, the majority of CDI programs continue to be housed
Q: When physicians continue to only document respiratory failure in the inpatien
JUNE 4, 2014
The January 1 start date for the CAHPS hospice survey has come and gone, and CMS continues to iss
DECEMBER 16, 2015
Joint Commission tracks legislation in the works Continuing Education Objectives
NOVEMBER 24, 2015
Preventing the theft of controlled substances at hospitals continues to be an tremendous issue
MARCH 24, 2016
Preventing the theft of controlled substances at hospitals continues to be an tremendous issue e
APRIL 12, 2016
Workplace violence continues to be an issue in hospitals across the country; the Massachusetts Nu
APRIL 13, 2017
Safety-related requirements continue to plague hospitals, according to The Joint Commission&rsquo
AUGUST 30, 2018
Make sure your staff knows and implements your policy on continuous observation of suicidal pati
FEBRUARY 1, 2019
Hospitals continued to struggle with safety issues in 2018, according to The Joint Commission&rsq
APRIL 4, 2019