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Homecare DIRECTION subscribers will soon be able to find articles each week thro
Editor’s note: This week’s Inside story is from the February issue of Homecare DI
The agency is required to supply all supplies on the NRS list. Is homecare obligated t
Last week, thousands of homecare workers in 150 cities across the country joined fast food employ
Focus on documentation. CMS believes it is the responsibility of the homecare provider to attempt
Change allows hospices to bill directly for preventive vaccines CMS has issued
Homecare workers achieved a victory when the Department of Labor ruled they are entitled to overt
I have a question regarding the face-to-face requirements for homecare. It is my understa
The following is an excerpt from Homecare DIRECTION. Become a
  As a Medicare-certified homecare agency, I historically hired aides that
We have a patient who received homecare services in Florida from January 2 until April 1
A homecare model started in the Dutch city of Almelo is turning heads in the U.S. for its innovat
SEPTEMBER 15, 2015
Homecare providers cannot use standing orders per se. The regulations require all orders to be in
I work at a homecare agency, and we have been getting referrals lately for nurses to admi
In the December 3, 2015 issue of Homecare Q&A, a question was asked regarding whethe
Homecare providers know that more often than not, referral orders are incomplete.
Direct messaging between physicians and patients has become more common in the past few years, th
An assistive device is anything that helps a homecare patient with activities of daily living (AD
The aide care plan or assignment must provide enough direction so the aide knows exactly what to
Teaching and training plays a significant role in homecare and is addressed in the Medicare B
Case management directors get pulled in many directions. It may seem like everyone has something
DECEMBER 15, 2015
Readers of Homecare eNews might be interested in the following calls hosted by the Centers for Me
Therapy visits have a direct impact on the first (grouping step) and fourth (services utilization
Therapy visits have a direct impact on the first (grouping step) and fourth (services utilization
Directions: The following is a list of things that can be done to help people with depression or
On June 25, OSHA issued a memo to its "enforcement resources," directing staff conducti
AUGUST 19, 2015
Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct answer, or circle the correct answer.  
Coding guidelines direct to code all documented conditions that exist at the time of the visit an
Direct observations are an important component of competency-based medical education for resident
APRIL 1, 2020
While home health aides are not involved directly in the infusions, there are some common duties
Quiz Directions: Read each question carefully, then determine the best answer.
Hospital workers who deal directly with patients wash their hands less frequently as their workda
NOVEMBER 12, 2014
One of my personal primary directives when I am consulting is that if I find something that I can
AUGUST 7, 2014
Patient safety is a top priority for every healthcare organization, but knowing where to direct
APRIL 7, 2015
Coders may report critical care provided in the ED. Critical care is defined as the direct delive
After witnessing discrimination directed at a resident from a patient’s family in their eme
NOVEMBER 18, 2016
Trainer quiz Directions: Fill in the blank by using the answer options that follow
The OASIS-C2 Q&As that CMS posted Feb. 24 finally offer direction in writing on how to answer
Directions: Fill in the correct answer or circle the correct answer 1. Nam
Directions: Circle the best answer. 1. What should you take note of when observin
The House Education and Labor Committee recently voted out a bill that would direct the Occupatio
JUNE 19, 2019
Directions on the off-label/modified use of waived blood glucose monitoring systems (BG
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT’s (ONC) proposal to take direct oversi
CMS releases directions on the off-label/modified use of waived blood glucose monitorin
What can incent a patient to trust a physician, follow her directions, and remember the interacti
FEBRUARY 24, 2015
APRIL 23, 2014
MARCH 26, 2014
Posttest Directions: Read each question carefully and choose the best answer. Check the co
JULY 9, 2014
Directions on the off-label/modified use of waived blood glucose monitoring systems (BG
ACGME Common Program Requirement IV.C.2. directs GME programs in applicable specialties to provid
MAY 26, 2020
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JANUARY 6, 2009
Privacy Policy synopsis.
MARCH 4, 2015
To be certain you are doing what the ZPIC wants, contact the ZPIC directly to verify. Below
Currently, there is no comprehensive standard or set of recommendations to direct or guide staffi
DECEMBER 3, 2014
SEPTEMBER 24, 2014
MARCH 11, 2015
Hospitals may find themselves directly in the line of fire as CMS ramps up its oversight of The J
DECEMBER 1, 2018
Hospitals may find themselves directly in the line of fire as CMS ramps up its oversight of The J
DECEMBER 1, 2018
A patient’s plan of care is like a road map. It provides instructions and directions on ite
NOVEMBER 20, 2013
MARCH 18, 2015
Featuring unbiased data and analysis direct from top healthcare leaders, the HealthLe
FEBRUARY 20, 2012
OCTOBER 8, 2014
OCTOBER 29, 2014
JANUARY 14, 2015
Do you know the difference between an Advance Directive and a Physician Orders for Life Sustainin
AUGUST 11, 2015
Terms of use synopsis
AUGUST 20, 2014
MAY 13, 2015
DECEMBER 16, 2015
DECEMBER 23, 2014
JULY 15, 2015
AUGUST 26, 2015
SEPTEMBER 23, 2015
SEPTEMBER 30, 2015