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Ambulation Ambulation
NOVEMBER 1, 2015
The benefits of mobility among hospitalized patients are well-known: decreased pressure ulcers,
CMS Publication 100-2, Chapter 7, speaks to two types of therapy: restorative therapy geared towa
On February 1, 2018, CMS proposed new Medicare Advantage and Part D payment and policy updates to
Q: The resident is on their Part A benefit and is scheduled for dialysis 3 day
Editor's note: This article is excerpted f
AUGUST 1, 2015
Editor's note: Parts of this article have been adapted from the popular HCPro title,
APRIL 21, 2017
A parking lot at Lawrence (Mass.) General Hospital was teeming with police, fire, and ambulance w
AUGUST 25, 2016
Q: If a patient uses part of a 100 day benefit for a G-Tube can we ever skill
AUGUST 1, 2014
  Q&A: ICD-10: Where are you now? Part 2
Many agencies have had great success with Ambulation/Locomotion (M1860), but others have struggle
NOVEMBER 20, 2013
Q: A resident exhausted 100 days benefit on 4/11/14. The resident stayed in an LTC se
AUGUST 29, 2014
Q: I work in ambulance billing. I know that under Original Medicare, many non-emergen
MARCH 27, 2015
  RCS-1: What?s changing and how will you be affected? Part 2
JANUARY 5, 2018
OIG continues to eye Part A billing, hospitalizations of SNF residents in 2015
FEBRUARY 1, 2015
Editor's note: This month's "Q&A&q
An incoming patient wrapped in a cocoon of thick plastic emerged from the back of an ambulance at
NOVEMBER 20, 2014
CMS announces final regulatory changes affecting Medicare Parts C and D
AUGUST 1, 2014
Written by Lisa McIntire and Jul
Ten critical access hospitals (CAH) have agreed to take part in CMS’
AUGUST 9, 2016
Bolster billing compliance: Implement a Medicare Part A triple-check process
AUGUST 1, 2015
Q: Can CDI programs use information on ambulance forms or trip tickets to abstract from if
Q: Can CDI programs use the information on ambulance forms or trip tickets to abstract from if
FEBRUARY 25, 2015
Editor's note: This month'
AUGUST 1, 2014
JustCoding likes you, we really like you, and we want you to be part of our online community. So
OCTOBER 29, 2014
Quality improvement Medical staff leaders had a role in QIO efforts
AUGUST 1, 2014
It’s not too early to prepare for ICD-10-CM/PCS
Interstate Medical Licensure Compact hits state legislatures 2"
Q&A Standardization isn't 'just an exercise in change
NOVEMBER 1, 2014
Q&A Follow bylaws as precisely as possible to avoid
Public Citizen report cites problems with NPDB and OIG exclusi
Hospital ER staff train hard to respond to almost any imaginable incident—it’s part o
JUNE 8, 2017
It’s storm season. Now’s the time to get your facility ready to face the power of Mo
MARCH 30, 2017
Editor's note: The first disposable colonoscopy scope, the Invendoscope SC200, wa
NOVEMBER 10, 2016
Bring your entire team as we explore part two of our three-part patient status summer webcast ser
Book excerpt Customizing criteria-based core privileges for your o
AUGUST 1, 2014
Q:  When a Part A resident exhaust their Part A days and needs continued thera
Medical facilities still have the better part of a year before the new emergency preparedness rul
MARCH 30, 2017
SNF therapy contracts: Your risks and what you need to know 2"
Decon SWAT unit formed in new facility on constant alert for chemical and biological emergencies
APRIL 27, 2017
Book excerpt Credentialing policies regarding aging pract
As part of the Administration’s goals of better, care, smarter spending, and healthier peop
Terms of use synopsis
Medicare regulations surrounding the 2-midnight rule are continually evolving, making it more imp
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday left intact part of a New York City law that requires “cr
Q&A: The benefits of patient engagement Editor
Could ‘one in, two out’ order be the answer to the high costs of meeting federal
By Janet Potter,
As part of ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the upcoming change to Medicare numbers and c
Monograph urges hospitals to turn to technology, study successes of other facilities to prepare
MAY 11, 2017
Editor's note: HCPro's Credentialing Resource Center is constantly adding to and up
HHS begins Phase 2 HIPAA audits The Department of Health and Hu
On October 15, 2015, the Department of Labor upheld a federal ruling stating that more than 2 mil
MACs recently selected more than 29,000 records for review as part of CMS’ probe audits of
This is the second article in a two-part series on the ACGME’s Back to Bedside
FEBRUARY 20, 2019
  Note from the Instructor: Overview of the four parts of Medicare, Part I
SEPTEMBER 22, 2015
(DENVER, COLORADO, April 27, 2012) – As part of its ongoing mission to provide innovative
APRIL 27, 2012
Many healthcare organizations have experienced the benefits of an established and successful CDI
Building on its Comprehensiv
FEBRUARY 24, 2016
A review of more than 2,000 neurosurgical cases published in the
NOVEMBER 30, 2017
A review of more than 2,000 neurosurgical cases published in the
NOVEMBER 28, 2017
Study urges hospitals to turn to technology, study successes of other facilities to prepare for
APRIL 6, 2017
Bring your entire team as we explore part three of our three-part patient status summer we
New coding requirements r
Join us at 1 p.m. (Eastern) Thursday, August 27, for part three of our patient status summer webc
DECEMBER 23, 2014
2-midnight rule draws concerns about emergency physician admitting privileges
Q:  How do I know if my resident is Traditional Part A or has a Medicare Advan
DECEMBER 17, 2014
Presented on Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 1-2:30 p.m. Eastern. Developing a structu
MARCH 13, 2015
The Provider Roundtable (PRT) was established in 2003 to give CMS the benefit of providers' input
CMS views readmission rates as a key quality metric for hospitals, which is part of the reason so
AUGUST 2, 2016
Q&A The challenges of employed physicians
DECEMBER 1, 2014
Clinical privileges Medical oncology - Practice area 142
Ensure your facility's training is on t
Documentation Two strategies for holding physicians accountable
Several Massachusetts ambulance companies want to allow paramedics to make house calls, treating
The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found that Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, Pa., part o
Book excerpt Customizing criteria-based core privileges
Editor's note: This month'
Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston agreed to pay $2.3 million as part of a settlement
SEPTEMBER 29, 2015
Perspective The past and future of credentialing
Case study Proctoring and FPPE: Doctors Hospital of Mante
Residents can now enjoy a more home-like environment as part of their long-term care experience w
FEBRUARY 24, 2017
The next ACDIS Quarterly Membership Conference Call will be held Thursday, February 26, from 1-2
Changing How We Care Plan webcast will be presented on: Tuesday, May 3, 2016. 1:00–2:30 p.
Changing How We Care Plan webcast will be presented on: Tuesday, May 3, 2016. 1:00–2:30 p.m
MARCH 18, 2016
Presented on: Wednesday, July 24, 2019 | 1:00–2:00 p.m. ET Presented by: Kim
JUNE 19, 2019
  MedPAC comments on CMS’s proposed rule on Medicare Part C and Part D
JANUARY 5, 2018
Research has shown that restrictive diets add little benefit for older adults in long-term care,
AUGUST 29, 2014
In the final days of 2015, CMS released a draft of OASIS-C2. The document includes some minor cha
Coordination of Benefits Contractor (COBC) to remove and no longer apply federal tax informati
White paper excerpt Subspecialties and procedures may be
FEBRUARY 12, 2014
Thinking of implementing a unified, integrated medical staff across your healthcare
Clearer picture of OASIS-C2 emerges with release of Guidance Manual
Boca Raton Regional Hospital in Florida was overpaid $2.6 million over two years, according to an
Physician assessment There may be legal baggage hiding be
Research casting new light as surgeons grapple with OR attire guidelines.2> If you though
Research casting new light as surgeons grapple with OR attire guidelines2> If you thought
SEPTEMBER 14, 2017
These Occupational Health and Safety Forms provide you with all of the updates for your OSHA Health and Safety Compliance Manual.
DECEMBER 17, 2008
  Phase 2 begins!
DECEMBER 1, 2017
As part of its ongoing effort to improve ACGME language to better support the program coordinator
AUGUST 14, 2015
Presented on Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 1-2:30 p.m. Eastern. Developing a structu
MARCH 6, 2015
  Presented on Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 1–2:30 p.m. Eastern.
FEBRUARY 27, 2015
Compliance MSPs, physicians, and hospital-owned clinics:
Privacy Policy synopsis.
First and foremost, it goes without saying that we all want to do the right thing, at
MAY 25, 2017
Quarterly ASP Medicare Part B drug pricing files released On April 25,
  Medicare Part A admissions: Best practices for your facility
APRIL 22, 2016
  Top five SNF Part A billing issues
AUGUST 12, 2016
  Part B Outpatient Therapy Q&A
  Part B Therapy Billing: Functional reporting and G-codes webcast
OCTOBER 13, 2017
  RCS-1: What's changing and how will you be affected? Part 1
DECEMBER 22, 2017
  CMS proposes Medicare Advantage and Part D payment and policy updates
FEBRUARY 2, 2018
  CMS releases 2019 Medicare Parts A&B premiums and deductibles
OCTOBER 19, 2018
  Frequently asked questions about Medicare Part B
NOVEMBER 30, 2018
Is your CDI program's query process a documented part of your policies and procedures? Does your
2015 MSP Salary Survey Compensation is on the rise for so
  Editor's note: This is part two in a series covering changes to mental disord
JULY 9, 2014
SEPTEMBER 24, 2014
by Moriel Hamui, CPA,
FEBRUARY 1, 2015
Competency assessment Simulation training moves into new
OCTOBER 1, 2014
Tips from this month’s issue Ready or not, Phase 2
AUGUST 6, 2014
OCTOBER 29, 2014
by Megan Herr Several key changes were made to coding guidance as part of the FY
For critical thinking to be part of your agency’s culture, particularly in nursing, it has
GAITHERSBURG, Md., February 2, 2017 – BLR and Leeds Equity Partners today announced the mer
FEBRUARY 2, 2017
DECEMBER 3, 2014
  This article is part two in a series on coding common dermatology conditions
MAY 28, 2014
After pushback, federal officials backed away from their claim that smoke barrier doors must be
AUGUST 2, 2017
One year after parts of Illinois experienced the worst flooding in its history, hospitals
APRIL 24, 2014
Presented on September 17, 2014, 1–2:30 p.m. Presented by Janet Pot
Presented on September 17, 2014, 1–2:30 p.m. Presented by Janet Potter,
AUGUST 7, 2014
Presented on September 17, 2014, 1–2:30 p.m. Presented by Janet Potter, CPA, MAS
AUGUST 21, 2014
U.S. hospitals are reluctant to become part of a U.S. network of facilities specializing in the c
DECEMBER 3, 2014
Presented on: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 1:00-2:30 p.m. Eastern
Presented on: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 1:00-2:30 p.m. Eastern P
Presented on: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 1:00-2:00 p.m. Eastern
Lab safety thoughts on time travel, PPE, and misplaced food2> Editor’s note: In
SEPTEMBER 14, 2017
  Bolster billing compliance: Implement a Medicare Part A triple-check process
  The Medicare Meeting: How to ensure proper communication during a resident's Part A stay
NOVEMBER 13, 2015
  Medicare requires a Medicare Part A PPS Discharge Assessment, effective October 1
DECEMBER 7, 2016
  SNF ABNs: Avoiding common errors that lead to Medicare Part A denials
AUGUST 16, 2017
  CMS invites Medicare Part A providers to learn new Medicare Cost Report e-filing system
OCTOBER 5, 2018
  GAO: New payment rates for Part B lab tests may lead to billions in overpayments
DECEMBER 14, 2018
CMS releases July 2014 Quarterly Average Sales Price (ASP) Medicare Part B Drug Pricing Files
Pushback led federal officials to relax testing compliance deadlines2> If you haven&rsquo
SEPTEMBER 14, 2017
Revisions to State Operations Manual (SOM) Chapter 2, The Certification Process a
Changing How We Care Plan webcast will be presented on: Tuesday, May 3, 2016. 1:00–2:30 p.
MARCH 11, 2016
A report on agency performance on this measure is provided to home health agencies as part of the
  We are now offering a 2-day SNF billing bootcamp!
  Understanding phase 2 requirements for survey readiness
FEBRUARY 23, 2018
Physician practices that transition to patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) are reaping benefits
Editor's note: This is Part 2 in a three part series discussing the importance of charge nur
OCTOBER 25, 2018
Termination of the Common Working File ELGA, ELGH, HIQA, HIQH, and HUQA Part A Provider Querie
JUNE 25, 2014
MAY 14, 2014
APRIL 9, 2014
On June 2, CMS issued a new
Take time in the final week of August to reflect on immunization preparedness and handling pract
AUGUST 24, 2017
MACs use the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) to process Medicare Part A claims. Hospic
Drug diversion in healthcare facilities has been a subject of increasing focus by regulatory aut
SEPTEMBER 20, 2017
In a traditional medical staff services department (MSSD), everyone works in the same
AUGUST 20, 2014
These codes play no part in supply reporting or payment. An agency reports supplies; it does not
Clarification to Pub. 100-02, Medicare Benefit Policy Manual Regarding Antigens
JULY 9, 2014
by Josh Poltilove Newly released data show a massive percentage of agencies part
Credentialing A closer look at the management of expirabl
APRIL 2, 2014
Add or revisit the likelihood of arson as part of your annual hazard vulnerability analysis (HVA)
JULY 28, 2017
Feds had challenged medical center's workplace violence prevention program2>
JUNE 15, 2017
CMS pushed back the deadline for physicians to enroll to prescribe Medicare Part D drugs. Physici
CMS updates Program Integrity Manual On May 2, CMS released a change re
The evolving role of scribes, CIMs2> by Patricia A. Furci, RN, MA, Esq., and Samuel J. Fu
FEBRUARY 26, 2014
AHA posts letter on 2-midnight policy and potential short-stay payment solutions&nb
Clarification to Medicare Benefit Policy Manual regarding antigens and deletion of Sect
  Proposed Rule Q&A with Reginald Hislop III, Managing Partner and CEO of H2 Healthcare, LLC
The Medicare Advantage and Part D programs continue to grow and thrive. In the Medicare Advantage
Editor's note: This is second part in a series covering changes to coding for cardiac c
JULY 8, 2015
As part of an ongoing effort to increase transparency and accountability in health care, t
OCTOBER 9, 2014
Part 2, Provider Cost Reporting Forms and Instructions, Chapter 11, Provider Reimbur
Part 2, Provider Cost Reporting Forms and Instructions, Chapter 11, Provider Reimbur
By John Palmer The Joint Commission has released a list of its 2018 Ambul
JANUARY 11, 2018
CMS' introduction of the 2-midnight rule in the
JULY 16, 2014
Professional development Games MSPs play
Two members of the U.S. House of Representatives—James McGovern (D-Massachusetts-2)
MARCH 18, 2015
AUGUST 27, 2014
High-ranking workers went to outside regulators and the press for help2> Charter Oak Heal
JUNE 22, 2017
A brief guide to spoiler-free training2> Editor’s note: In this guest column,
MARCH 5, 2014
Along with an exceptional array of employee benefits, HCPro and its divisions offer employees a fun, stimulating work environment where ideas and collaboration define our culture. With offices in Danvers, MA and Nashville, TN, HCPro, Inc., offers unparalleled opportunities for growth to all of our employees.
JANUARY 6, 2009
One of the benefits of doing a lot of traveling and having a fairly well-developed case of OCD is
JUNE 11, 2015
    The 2016 OPPS proposed rule released July 2 is deceptively short
AUGUST 19, 2015
DECEMBER 23, 2014
AHA posts letter on 2-midnight policy and potential short-stay payment solutions On Februa
A few tips and advice from hospital experts2> Part of your everyday job as a hospital saf
AUGUST 17, 2017
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced the 2014 Part B premiu
NOVEMBER 22, 2013
On November 24, the OIG posted a report stating that Medicare Part B and its beneficiaries paid $
DECEMBER 15, 2015
Experts stress importance of community preparedness, funding, and support from the new administr
MARCH 16, 2017
On May 2, CMS released a change request to update various sections of Chapter 15 of t
FY 2016 Medicare Part A SNF PPS pricer update On June 26, CMS released
The substance is an increasingly common ingredient in high-level disinfectants, but there’
CMS announced it has extended its enforcement delay of the 2-midnight rule from September 30 to J
Local chapter activities represent an integral part of ACDIS’ mission to bring together CDI
HIPAA EDI front end updates for July 2015   On March 2
The most overlooked part of your facility might be the most vulnerable when it comes to security
AUGUST 24, 2017
‘We can look at what’s going on’2>
FEBRUARY 21, 2014
Q&A When credentialing AHPs, stick to specifics
Core privileging A step-by-step approach to systemwide ch
SEPTEMBER 23, 2015
MAY 6, 2015
This week’s updates include Focused Dementia Care survey tools; a 0.2% reduction in IPP
NOVEMBER 19, 2014
Editor’s note: This is the first in a two-part series on the ICD-10-CM Z codes. The sec
DECEMBER 17, 2014
Facilities that have seen the worst say now is the time to prepare for it2> The frequency
JUNE 22, 2017
Experts weigh facility designs that can help an aging population access hospitals safely2>
JUNE 15, 2017
DECEMBER 16, 2015
By Jennifer Thew, RN Editor's note: This is the second installment in a two-part
MARCH 28, 2019