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Author: Kelly Smith Papa, MSN, RN There are many talented long-ter
MARCH 20, 2015
Author: Kelly Smith Papa, MSN, RN There are many talented long-ter
MARCH 13, 2015
The 2016 edition of the best-selling CDI Pocket Guide by authors Dr. R
The Creating Opportunities Now for Necessary and Effective Care Technologies (CONNECT) for Health
  Featured member resource: HIPAA authorization form
NOVEMBER 20, 2018
Give your patients the opportunity to set an agenda ahead of their office visits and you may witn
The CDI Pocket Guide 2015 update is under development, and authors Dr. Richard Pinson an
By author/pbrandon/" rel="noopener norefe
AUGUST 13, 2020
Looking for some opportunities to code outside of your specialty? Simply looking to get some addi
FEBRUARY 10, 2015
Come work for us
JANUARY 6, 2009
VNAA slams CMS’ decision on prior authorization pilot Reaction to
The Joint Commission’s deeming authority for hospital accreditation has been renewed by the
Interested in sharing your expertise with the GME community? HCPro is looking for an author or t
JANUARY 13, 2017
The Company was founded in 1986 by Jennifer Cofer, a nationally recognized authority in health information management, with the launch of Medical Record Briefing, a newsletter for medical records professionals that continues to be one of the Company’s flagship products.
JANUARY 6, 2009
Outside moonlighting is an overlooked opportunity. Often discussed in hushed tones, this needs to
FEBRUARY 1, 2019
MARCH 11, 2015
The Ohio House recently passed a bill aiming to authorize eligible physician assistants to write
Interested in sharing your expertise with the GME community? HCPro is still looking for authors
JANUARY 27, 2017
Career Opportunities synopsis
NOVEMBER 20, 2008
CMS has proposed a Medicare Prior Authorization of Home Health Services Demonstration pilot progr
Have a few minutes? HCPro is researching live training opportunities and we need your feedback.
OCTOBER 13, 2017
HCPro is researching live training opportunities and we need your feedback. Answer a few short q
OCTOBER 27, 2017
Authorities have arrested a man, Wellington Liranzo, on charges of Medicaid provider fraud
OCTOBER 23, 2014
The legal representative is the person who has formal, legal decision-making authority—for
In the course of patient care, every patient/family interaction is an opportunity to educate, say
JUNE 15, 2017
The financial opportunities available to physicians expand exponentially as they settle into resi
DECEMBER 1, 2017
By Brian Ward The FDA has issued two emergency use authorization
APRIL 16, 2020
Are you in CDI leadership and looking for national networking opportunities? Consider participati
HCPro is looking for authors to work on an updated edition of The Residency Program Dir
NOVEMBER 21, 2014
Events include: Open Door Forum Authorization of non-emer
ACDIS is exploring opportunities to develop additional CCDS exam preparation resources. You may
The Creating Opportunities Now for Necessary and Effective Care Technologies (CONNECT) for Health
For residency coordinators, giving a presentation can be a valuable opportunity to share informat
Dear readers, HCPro is interested in offering e-learning opportunities for resid
FEBRUARY 2, 2018
Authorities recently arrested a New York radiologist for allegedly stealing the PHI of 96,998 pat
Patient safety groups say hospitals and public health authorities are holding back key informatio
MARCH 10, 2015
House members slam home health prior authorization proposal A CM
Authorities recently arrested Imo F. Ndem, MD, under the Georgia Pain Management Act on a
APRIL 2, 2015
A new report from the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority (PPSA) examined mistakes involving di
JUNE 30, 2015
Heading to Leading Age in Boston? Come meet HCPro author, Kelly Papa, who wrote 
OCTOBER 30, 2015
Organizations are drowning in unproductive meetings, according to author Al Pittampalli in an art
NOVEMBER 5, 2015
Authors: Barbara Acello, MS, RN and Lynn Riddle Brown, RN, BSN, CRNI, COS-C Initia
Massachusetts health authorities are investigating an allegation that a surgeon at St. Vincent Ho
AUGUST 11, 2016
 The New Year brings new opportunities and thankfully an influx of new energy and enthusiasm
JANUARY 28, 2015
National Nurses Week is upon us once more, giving hospital leaders an opportunity to spend time w
MAY 7, 2015
OCTOBER 7, 2015
The demonstration gives an opportunity for providers and suppliers otherwise subject to the moratori
Agencies submitting claims under a waiver authorized in response to recent hurricane and wildfire
NOVEMBER 20, 2013
A Washington State doctor has been stripped of his medical license after authorities say h
JUNE 18, 2014
The first official copper penny authorized by the U.S. Confederation Congress included what phr
We would like to thank everyone who responded to our call for authors last month! The response h
APRIL 12, 2016
First a quick (moderately revelatory) story: While traveling last week, I had the opportunity to
APRIL 18, 2019
Jack Cox, MD, MMM, one of the authors of
OCTOBER 30, 2014
NOVEMBER 4, 2015
This article has been republished with permission from the author, Christopher Cheney, of
DECEMBER 22, 2017
Blogs from industry experts in healthcare that keep users up-to-date on the latest happenings in their fields.
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JANUARY 6, 2009
SEPTEMBER 23, 2015
CMS aims to launch pilot prior authorization program in 5 states
Last Wednesday, CMS re-enabled provider registration in the Individuals Authorized Access
MARCH 4, 2015
Your window into the professional experiences and opportunities o
JULY 1, 2019
Your window into the professional experiences and opportunities
JULY 6, 2020
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