Nursing Headlines

  • Reshape the nurse leadership role

    Reshaping healthcare delivery means reshaping nursing leadership. Enter the chief nursing optimization officer role.

  • Choosing the right route for drug administration

    The route through which a drug is administered is essential for nurses to consider. Often, the healthcare provider will write an order with several routes for you to consider. When preparing to administer a drug to the client, you must select the route based on the order and the client’s current status. Be discerning when considering the route of drug administration if given that responsibility.

  • Northwell Health to nurses: ’Constantly question practice’

    As chief nursing officers work in a healthcare industry that's awash in a sea of change due to evolving reimbursement models, consumerism, and M&A activities, they understand that the nursing profession must also make changes within this environment.

  • Vital questions to ask yourself when a patient falls

    When someone falls, a number of things must be determined at once. The answers to some of these questions will make a difference in how we should respond.

  • Handling a patient with depression

    People with depression feel exhausted, worthless, helpless, and hopeless. They often feel like giving up. They need gentle encouragement. Here are some things you can do to help them handle their low energy levels:

  • Nurses across the country go on strike

    Nurses in several states held a one-day strike last Friday over concerns about staffing, pay, and other working conditions. In a strike organized by the union National Nurses United, nurses at a dozen Tenet-affiliated hospitals in Arizona, California, and Florida rallied Friday morning to push their hospitals to allocate more resources to the nursing staff to improve recruitment and retention, which in turn will benefit patient care.