Long-Term Care

Assess and individualize to code item M5c

PPS Alert for Long-Term Care, August 1, 2008

The definition for MDS 2.0 item M5c, turning/repositioning program, on p. 3-157 of the RAI User's Manual, states: [A turning/repositioning program] includes a continuous, consistent program for changing the resident's position and realigning the body. 'Program' is defined as 'a specific approach that is organized, planned, documented, monitored, and evaluated.' Some MDS coordinators and interdisciplinary team members have interpreted that definition to mean that a general facility policy requiring scheduled turning or repositioning for dependent residents with pressure ulcers and/or those who are at high risk of developing pressure ulcers constitutes a program that can be coded on the MDS, says Teresa Mota, RN, CALA, RAC-CT, project coordinator and Nursing Home Quality Improvement Organization Support Center lead for the CMS Nursing Home Quality Initiative at Quality Partners of Rhode Island in Providence.

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