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At HCPro we assist our customers with their mission of healing, and continuous improvement of healthcare, through superior education, unparalleled service, and practical tools and guidance. We provide our employees with a fun environment that embodies teamwork, celebrates accomplishments, and provides exciting opportunities for professional growth and community involvement.

We aim to hire the very best people, keep them motivated and inspired, reward them for what they do and give them opportunities to grow and learn. We are in the information business so we need our people to be forward-looking, entrepreneurial and creative in their thinking. If you are interested in joining a successful Company that will challenge you and foster your career development then look no further.

So if you thrive in an environment where the rewards are as great as the challenges, come join the HCPro team!

If you would like to find out about career opportunities at HCPro click here: Career Opportunities Page.

Core Values

HCPro’s core values are the operating principles that guide our internal conduct and interactions with the external world. Our six interrelated core values guide the actions we take every day to carry out our vision and mission.

  1. Customer Focus
    Everything we do is driven by customer understanding and the goal of meeting our customers’ current and future needs. We have a relentless focus on delivering products and services that improve our customers’ organizational performance and outcomes. Through intense customer focus we deliver demonstrably superior products and services with the highest levels of quality and excellence. We are professional in all our customer dealings. We are highly valued and respected by our customers.
  2. Valuing Our People
    We put the highest priority on recruiting, developing and retaining outstanding people. Our managers are directly responsible for the development of their people. We recognize and reward achievement. We enjoy what we do and we celebrate success. We empower our people to maximize their potential and contribution in both their personal and professional lives. We respect our people and believe in open and honest communication. We behave in an ethical and principled manner. We treat each other professionally, respectfully and as valued as our external customers.
  3. Rewarding High Performance
    We drive for a culture that rewards high performance. When employees contribute to the company through delivery of stellar results, the company will reciprocate by providing a range of rewards.
  4. Innovation
    We embrace change and challenge the status quo. We encourage our people to be entrepreneurial, take risks and learn from mistakes. We are ready to make bold moves and decisions. We constantly look for new ideas, and value ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. We keep things simple and minimize bureaucracy.
  5. Results-Oriented
    We emphasize delivery of high quality results to help the company achieve success. The daily contributions of each employee must be focused on tasks that move us closer to achievement of business goals.
  6. Accountability
    We provide greater responsibility and authority to each manager and employee, while eliminating needless processes and layers of review. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to improve the company’s competitive position as we strive to meet and exceed our strategic and financial objectives.