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Healthcare Life Safety Compliance, January 23, 2020

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It is an understatement to say that 2019 was an eventful year. If you need to review any topics, we’ve created this index of HLSC articles to help you quickly find what you need. We look forward to keeping you abreast of patient safety in 2020!

Sincerely, Brian Ward, Associate Editor

Newsletter PDFs

If you’d prefer to read any of these articles as PDFs, you can use the following links. Moreover, many of the topics in 2019 were addressed in prior years, so here’s a chance to dig into the HLSC 2018 index and 2017 index as well.


•    Are you well versed in survey etiquette? Jan., p. 8.
•    CMS revisions reflect infectious disease danger and emergency standby power systems. May, p. 1.
•    Joint Commission issues clarification regarding the use of power strips in patient care areas. Aug., p. 1.
•    Ligature risk, IC, drug safety will dominate 2019 as CMS increases pressure on AOs. Feb., p. 7.
•    Most-cited standards in 2018 show you need to check your sprinkler heads. May, p. 7.

Emergency preparedness

•    Another big hurricane season could be on the way. Aug., p. 7.
•    Design for disaster: Building with survival in mind. July, p. 1.
•    How not to run out of water, Dec., p. 1.
•    Info exchange helps prepare hospitals for taxing patient surges. Oct., p. 10.
•    Know your hospital's electrical backup plan. March, p. 1.
•    Large earthquakes rattle California hospitals, while the bill to keep them open grows larger. Sep., p. 1.
•    Making your emergency lighting look better. March, p. 4.
•    Review the little things to help your life safety and emergency preparation readiness game. Feb., p. 4.

Environment of care

•    BBI is now required: Time to measure your square footage. Sep., p. 10.
•    Does your healthcare facility have water intrusion? July, p. 10.
•    Healthcare facilities in retail facilities and boutique malls. June, p. 1.
•    Microhospitals keep costs down while catering to the masses. Sep., p. 7.
•    Planning a freestanding ER? ASHE suggests focusing on life safety issues. Jan., p. 4.
•    A primer on construction readiness and compliance in your facility. Feb., p. 1.

Environmental Protection Agency

•    EPA issues final rule on hazardous waste handling. May, p. 4.

Fire safety

•    The top fire safety violations and how your facility can avoid them. June, p. 4.

Healthcare violence/security

•    An El Paso hospital trained for a mass shooting. Oct., p. 1.
•    How engineers can help prevent hospital violence. April, p. 4.
•    Violence prevention behind the scenes. Nov., p. 4.
•    Has the ransomware threat taught hospitals how to protect electronic infrastructure?, Dec., p. 7

Infection control

•    Air pressures, cleaning, and maintenance critical to sterile compounding areas. March, p. 10.
•    Hospital policy changes: Measles, flu, and Candida auris, Dec., p. 13.
•    HVAC monitoring systems help engineers contain infectious diseases, save money. April, p. 1.

Life Safety Code®

•    General Healthcare Requirements: Special Definitions and Classifications. April, p. 7.
•    Life safety violations once again top list of Joint Commission findings. Nov., p. 1.


•    Q&A: Areas of refuge, partial O2 cylinders, and natural gas generators. July, p. 4.
•    Q&A: Areas of refuge, vision panels, and locked suite doors. May, p. 9.
•    Q&A: Corridor door closers, wrap plates, steam generators, and keys. Feb., p. 9.
•    Q&A: Cross-corridor doors, hydraulic placards, HVAC, fire alarm testing. April, p. 10.
•    Q&A: Deadbolts, E cylinders, scented wax warmers, Dec., p. 10.
•    Q&A: Fire damper testing, hazardous rooms, ceilings, corridors. Aug., p. 3.
•    Q&A: Frames, beauty shops, fire ratings, and sprinklers. March, p. 10.
•    Q&A: Installing fire extinguishers, IT closets, active shooter security. Oct., p. 6.
•    Q&A: Mechanical room storage, risk assessments, patient rooms. Jan., p. 10.
•    Q&A: Plywood walls, oxygen cylinders, and fire watches. Nov., p. 7.
•    Q&A: Securing gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, kitchens, door gaps. June, p. 7.
•    Q&A: Smoke compartments, soiled utility rooms, smoke detectors. Sep., p. 4.


•    Review your medical evaluation of staffers who will wear respirators. June, p. 10.


•    Cold weather is here; get your clinic in gear. Nov., p. 10.
•    Four steps to improve your hospital quality and safety rankings. June, p. 12.
•    HLSC Decade review: 2010--2019, Dec., p. 4.
•    Lessons learned from a death outside a hospital's doorstep. Aug., p. 9.
•    Using alternative energy to cut expenses and emissions in hospitals. Oct., p. 4.

Suicide risk

•    Doors and videos: Joint Commission offers more ligature prevention clarification. July, p. 8.
•    How to design your units to keep alert for ligature and suicide risks. Jan., p. 1.

This is an excerpt from a member only article. To read the article in its entirety, please login or subscribe to Healthcare Life Safety Compliance.

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