Involve Physicians in Your Hospital’s Disaster Plans

Emergency Management Alert, March 2, 2010

One thing is clear when it comes to Joint Commission surveyors reviewing your disaster plans: If people from various departments can speak to their roles in emergency management, you'll be in better graces, writes Scott Wallask for HealthLeaders Media.

Some surveyors also conduct a tabletop drill, in which a disaster scenario is role-played in a conference room. Surveyors often look to various department managers to participate in these discussions, rather than the lead emergency management planner, as a way to test how many people are familiar with the facility's disaster plan.

Having a physician familiar with disaster planning available during The Joint Commission's review is probably the biggest advantage you can obtain. Other important, but perhaps not obvious, representatives might be a nursing supervisor, materials management director, infection control practitioner, pharmacy director, and chief financial officer.

To read more on how to involve physicians in your disaster plan, check out the HealthLeaders Media article by clicking here.

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