N.C. hospital suffers fuel spill after power "blip"

Emergency Management Alert, February 16, 2010

Caldwell Memorial Hospital in Lenoir, N.C., suffered a diesel fuel spill in the basement of the hospital after an issue with emergency power, reports the Hickory Record.

A very brief interruption of power within the electrical system of the hospital caused an emergency generator to turn on, though the hospital never actually needed the emergency electricity. The generator was turned off, but the fuel pump did not turn off. The result, according to the Record, was fuel pumping onto the basement floor. Fumes did not harm the air quality enough to cause an evacuation, and the smell reportedly did not make it to the front of the hospital, where patient rooms and ORs are located.

Firefighters cleaned up the leak and the hospital ventilated the basement through an open elevator shaft.

Source: Hickory Record

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