Study evaluates drive-through examinations as a viable alternative during a pandemic

Emergency Management Alert, January 26, 2010

Researchers at the Department of Surgery/Division of Emergency Medicine at Stanford (CA) University School of Medicine recently studied the effectiveness of drive-through medical service by evaluating simulated drive-through care at Stanford Hospital ED.

Researchers conducted a full-scale exercise that tested both the throughput times of simulated patients as well as carbon monoxide levels of staff. The study used charts from 38 patients who were previously treated in the ED for influenza-like illnesses during the H1N1 outbreak in April 2009.

During the simulated exercise physicians identified patients that required hospitalization with 100% accuracy. The report notes that this exercise was merely a simulation and did not account for emergencies, interruptions, and included “actors who waited patiently in their cars.”

For more information on the topic, check out HCPro's OSHA Healthcare Advisor blog.


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