Emergency Management Tip: Complete your HVA community profile

Emergency Management Alert, January 12, 2010

Completing your hazard vulnerability assessment (HVA) profile is one step to completing your HVA. Doing so will help you understand the surrounding community and give you a context upon which your hospital will consider its priorities (e.g. social, economic, political, and legal realities). A profile contains details related to your geographic location; demographics of the community; resident seasonal and tourist populations; top employers; weather and climate; economic status of residents; education levels; and other considerations.

For example, communities that have a significant influx of tourists, especially international visitors, must consider surveillance systems to detect biological outbreaks. It is likely that your local chamber of commerce or city hall updates its community profile annually from census data, so this information may already be available to you.

For more tips, check out The Emergency Management Coordinator's Handbook for Hospitals, by HCPro.

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