California recalls N95s issued to healthcare workers

Emergency Management Alert, January 12, 2010

 Problems with securing proper fit-testing has forced California to recall N95 respirators that it has been issuing to healthcare workers exposed to H1N1 influenza, writes David LaHoda in OSHA Healthcare Advisor.

To help relieve the N95 respirator shortage caused by pandemic influenza, the California Department of Health (CDPH ) released supplies from its emergency stockpile on October 22. The problem was that most of the N95s released were the 3M 8000 model, which has “a low success rate in fit-testing,” according to a Cal/OSHA alert.

Because fit testing is essential for proper respirator use, the CDPH is withholding further shipments of that N95 model.

For more information, visit OSHA Healthcare Advisor.

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