Emergency Management Tip: Advice for the new emergency management coordinator

Emergency Management Alert, November 10, 2009

If you are new to the role of emergency management, don't assume that there will be someone to mentor you into your role. Be proactive and prepare yourself. There will be a learning curve to begin with, but gradually you will learn the language of emergency management.

Educate yourself in the following ways:

  • Complete foundation coursework, including disaster awareness training, bioterrorism training, disaster operations-level courses, decontamination courses, etc.
  • Join disaster training listservs maintained by country or regional emergency management, law enforcement, and EMS. Most are free to join.
  • Take available online classroom courses.
  • Make contact by introducing yourself and your role during rounds and at meetings within the hospitals.

For more tips, check out HCPro's book, The Emergency Management Coordinator's Handbook for Hospitals.

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