Emergency Management Tip: Evacuation training

Emergency Management Alert, October 6, 2009

The emergency management coordinator typically coordinates training and exercises for emergency evacuation. Hospitals have traditionally exercised emergency evacuation as a response to a fire. Most of the time, the incident is contained quickly, perhaps requiring a horizontal evacuation. However, in a catastrophic event, it is possible your facility will have to conduct a total evacuation. This will activate your hospital incident command system and quickly involve all departments within the organization. You will need help to:

  • Move patients
  • Set up an alternative care site
  • Support the relocation of medical records, equipment, and pharmaceuticals
  • Arrange transportation
  • Contact families of patients to notify them of their family member's relocation
  • Relocate staff members to another facility to support patient care

This tip comes from HCPro's book, The Emergency Management Coordinator's Handbook for Hospitals. To learn more, click here.

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