Peek at and speak up on NIOSH healthcare worker issues

OSHA Healthcare Connection, September 1, 2009

In 2005 there was a nonfatal injury or illness episode every 47 seconds in healthcare and social assistance workplaces, according to NIOSH, which is why the agency is posting its draft of National Healthcare and Social Assistance Agenda for comment.

The agenda will define and initiate high priority research in the healthcare and social assistance sector, which, NIOSH says, will see the greatest growth compared to other workforce sectors through 2014.

The agenda proposes five areas for goals and performance measures. These are:
1. Safety and health programs
2. Musculoskeletal disorders
3. Hazardous drugs and other chemicals
4. Sharps injuries
5. Infectious diseases

For more information on goals, performance measures, and how to post comments on the agenda, see the featured post at the OSHA Healthcare Advisor.

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