Workers' Memorial Day April 28: For those who did not come home alive, healthy, or safe

OSHA Healthcare Connection, April 28, 2009

Today is Workers' Memorial Day, which recognizes U.S. workers who died or sustained injuries or illnesses in the workplace. In 2007, the most recent data available, 5,488 workers died from occupational injuries, 49,000 deaths were attributed to work-related diseases, and 4.0 million private-sector workers had a nonfatal occupational injury or illness, according to NIOSH.

In 2007, NIOSH posted a Workers' Memorial Day poem/performance about workers who didn?t come home alive or healthy. One story concerned a nurse who contracted hepatitis C:

Daily she traded blood for hope and
Balanced the lives of untold millions
On the tip of a needle.

You may read about this section of the poem devoted to this nurse doing a job she loved, one that also seriously compromised her health over time, at the OSHA Healthcare Advisor.

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