AFL-CIO: Healthcare workers not protected from pandemic flu danger

OSHA Healthcare Connection, April 21, 2009

Many healthcare facilities exhibit a “lack of readiness” to protect workers in the event of pandemic flu, according to the results of a survey issued by the AFL-CIO and other labor organizations on April 16.

Healthcare Workers in Peril: Preparing to Protect Worker Health and Safety during Pandemic Influenza, reports that one-third of respondents to a 104-facility survey say that workplaces “either not ready or only slightly ready” to protect workers during a pandemic. Another third of healthcare facilities have no written plan all, the survey adds.

An OSHA standard for airborne transmissible diseases is one of a number of recommendations included in the report’s executive summary.

For pandemic resources, download Planning for a Pandemic and Sample Supply Checklists for Pandemic Planning from the OSHA Healthcare Advisor Tools page.

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