CDC offers emergency planning for physician offices

OSHA Healthcare Connection, February 17, 2009

The CDC on February 11 posted a new Web page for physician office staff members charged with ensuring their facility is prepared during emergencies.

"There are 3 major misconceptions when thinking about disaster preparedness: 1) It will not happen here 2) It will not happen to me 3) Someone else will be there to take care of the problem," according to "Physician Disaster Preparedness: 'What is My Role and How Does My Practice Survive?' ", one of the resources appearing on the Web page.

The CDC has also posted Web pages for other facility types:

Evacuation should be part of all emergency planning. For more information, read "Ask the Expert—Evacuation plan for a small facility" and download a free Evacuation Plan Worksheet from the Tools page of the OSHA Healthcare Advisor.

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