Nurses needlestick woes, not only in America

OSHA Healthcare Connection, February 24, 2009

Looks like serious occupational hazards are the same for nurses on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

The U.K. journal GP Magazine, in the February 16 issue, reports that needlesticks are second only to back injuries for nurses in the workplace.

The article reported on a study by the Royal College of Nursing showing that 48% of nurses had sustained a needlestick in their career and 10% within the last year.

Most U.K. healthcare facilities have needlestick prevention policies, but only half the nursing staff has received injury prevention training or has access to safety needles, according to GP Magazine.

To help protect your staff from injuries, download "Nine steps to avoiding needlesticks" from the Tools page of the OSHA Healthcare Advisor. The document is part of the resource documents from HCPro's Needlestick Prevention Training Video.

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