It’s not too late for workplace safety resolutions

OSHA Healthcare Connection, January 13, 2009

Need a New Year's resolution for your workplace? How about resolving to keep your workplace healthy and safe throughout the year?

The Evergreen Safety Council, which serves governmental entities, communities, and businesses in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, offers five tips from its monthly Safety Solutions for adding value to your safety program:

  1. Go on a hazard hunt to ferret out situations you missed before or have cropped up since your last hazard assessment.
  2. Emphasize employee training. It's a vital part of your safety program.
  3. Encourage employee participation. Remember the old saying, "Keep people up on things and they won't get down on them."
  4. Recognize and reward safe behavior by showing appreciation for efforts made by employees, supervisors, and managers to help create a safer workplace. 
  5. Review this list. Keep this list visible and review it at least monthly to stay on top of your resolution.

Click here for more information and a free downloadable checklist from the OSHA Healthcare Advisor on establishing a health and safety maintenance schedule for your healthcare facility.





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