Metro Milwaukee residents unprepared for disaster

Emergency Management Alert, January 27, 2009

Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee recently surveyed more than 1,800 patients seen in the Froedtert Hospital emergency department, and found that metro Milwaukee residents may not be as well prepared for disasters as the rest of the country. The results were presented at the National Association of Emergency Medical Service Physicians on January 22.

Patients were given the Public Readiness Index (PRI), which consists of ten questions about emergency preparedness. The average score of Milwaukee residents was 2.9, compared to the national average of 4.1.

Only 37 percent of the respondents had taken first-aid courses, and 29 percent had prepared a home disaster kit. Twenty-five percent had a plan for locating family members.

On average, those with children had a higher PRI score than those without. Although 79 percent said their child’s school or daycare had a written emergency plan, only 57 percent had received information about it.

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