Update: California hospital loses power

Emergency Management Alert, November 25, 2008

Last week, you may have read an article in this publication about a fire at Olive View-UCLA Medial Center in Sylmar, CA.
The article reported that Olive-View implemented its emergency management plan after the fire broke out. However, later reports confirmed that a nearby wildfire that disrupted power caused the hospital to plunge into darkness for 3 ½ hours after the fuel-pump to a self-contained power plant failed, according The Los Angeles Times. Nurses had to calm people down, while ER staff resorted to hand-held ventilators to keep patients breathing.
No patients were compromised, but 27 people were evacuated by the time power returned completely at 5 a.m., including 18 babies from the neonatal unit. The failure of the power plant will be reviewed by the hospital in the coming days.
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