Inflatable tents provide quick, safe mobile medical centers

Emergency Management Alert, November 18, 2008

Forget water, just add air.
That’s the new procedure for the inflatable mobile medical centers that were displayed at the Kentucky Exposition Center. The inflatable medical center costs $500,000, is 3,342 square feet, and complete with triage and isolation areas, a nursing station, two large generators, a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, and room for 45 beds, according to The Courier-Journal.
The shelters are manufactured by Zumro Inc., and are made from material similar to life-raft technology from World War II, so they can be stored for long periods of time and still resist rotting or mold. At one point during the exposition, 16 people picked up a 700-pound structure and moved it several yards, according to the article.
The mobile unit is designed to be deployed to areas during a tornado, flood, or flu pandemic.
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