Los Angeles pediatric center leads the way in disaster planning for children

Emergency Management Alert, October 14, 2008

With so many things to account for during a disaster, the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles has been put in charge of planning for one more small variable: children.
In conjunction with the Los Angeles Emergency Medical Services Agency and with support from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Children’s hospital has established the Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Project. The group’s goal is to develop disaster plans which take into account the specific needs of children for use by hospitals around the country during an emergency.
Specifically, the project aims to:
  • Identify the drugs and supplies needed for a pediatric population surge
  • Assist in maintaining disaster-related drugs, medical supplies, and tent shelters appropriate for pediatric patients and their guardians
  • Establish the knowledge base required to provide effective disaster care to pediatric patients
  • Identify optimal preparedness training methods and train first-response providers throughout the community
  • Create distance-learning opportunities that incorporate “virtual” medicine and robotics
  • Prepare a virtual critical care network that offers one-on-one help during a crisis
  • Develop a software package that helps first-response providers create their own pediatric disaster plan
  • Allow for practice and evaluation of disaster drills
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