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Reader submission: Patient survey tips

Patient Access Weekly Advisor, June 13, 2012

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Charlene Chames, safety and compliance officer at Summit Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Warren, Mich., submitted the following list of tips on patient surveys:

I found a way to make sure surveys are handed out to all (mostly) patients are:

  1. We pick a week every month, rotating this monthly, this helps to avoid staff complacency. Each patient that week, no matter if they came in on Monday, then return on Friday gets a survey. They are told that we are rating each visit to our facility.
  2. Patient returns are entered in a monthly drawing for two premier AMC movie tickets, there is a cover letter explaining this in the survey to the patient.
  3. Each location is color coded to make it easier to pick out the returns for each location.
  4. Each survey is placed in a return envelope for the pts to return easily.
  5. Each survey is placed in the chart the day before when the records are prepped and given to the patient by the assistant that assisted the provider that day explaining the survey.
  6. Each staff member has email for corporation use, so they are all emailed to their calendar the reminder of each week for the year.
  7. Last I note the survey weeks in the daily schedule to remind the staff & doctors when they print their schedules for the day, as they start 1 week prior to make sure they have necessary things until the day of.
  8. We also keep a couple surveys in a brochure holder for patients to fill out at anytime in the waiting room if they would like with a sign on it saying, “Tell us how we are doing!”

With this our surveys have tripled in return rates!

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