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CMS announces supervision levels for select services

Patient Access Weekly Advisor, June 6, 2012

On May 22, CMS announced the newly designated services that may be conducted under general supervision in accordance with the current Medicare regulations and policies. In the 2012 OPPS Final Rule, [76 Fed. Reg 74360]. CMS established a sub-regulatory process to adopt alternate levels of supervision, such as general or personal, for individual HCPCS codes. Hospitals can make requests twice a year to the Hospital Outpatient Payment Panel and upon further review, this panel makes recommendations to CMS for the alternative level of supervision. CMS posts these recommendations for comment on their website and then announces their final decision whereby the changes become effective on either July 1 or January 1. 

As a regulatory specialist, one of our responsibilities is to stay cognizant of the endless stream of CMS announcements, but I have to admit that not only did this one slip by me, but any information related to this topic is also very difficult to find on the CMS website. [Well, more difficult than usual!] Because of this, we have included many of the links and citations in this article to help our readers find the information more easily.

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