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New CoP addresses patient self-administration of medications

Patient Access Weekly Advisor, May 30, 2012

CMS put on display two rules on May 9 designed to reduce the regulatory burden on providers and save hospitals nearly a billion dollars a year in administrative costs. But at least one provision in the new rules is aimed at saving costs for patients as well.

A change to the Conditions of Participation (CoP) for hospitals specifically allows patients to self-administered drugs. Many hospitals already have a program for self-administration of medications on the outpatient side, specifically because of the Medicare policy of non-coverage of these drugs along with their administration.

The new CoP is included under the nursing services section at 42 C.F.R. 482.23(c)(6). It allows for self-administration of hospital issued drugs as well as drugs brought from home. The latter is often a significant issue because the price for individual doses in the hospital outpatient setting is often substantially higher than the patient can obtain the drug through their pharmacy insurance plan.

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