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Data breach update: 780,000 affected in Utah data breach

Patient Access Weekly Advisor, April 18, 2012

The Utah Department of Health (UDOH) released an update April 9 regarding a data breach caused by a hacked server in the Department of Technology Services.

The hackers stole the Social Security numbers of an estimated 280,000 Medicaid beneficiaries, and made off with less-sensitive personal information of an additional 500,000 individuals. The March 30 breach affected 780,000 people, according to the update. The UDOH initially believed that hackers stole data from 24,000 claims, but has since learned that hackers accessed 24,000 files, each of which could contain hundreds of claims.

The department warned the public to be suspicious of any phone calls or emails requesting personal information. UDOH established a hotline for Medicaid clients looking to find out whether hackers compromised their information. The department is also working to identify victims of the hack and notify them of the data breach.

Source: Utah Department of Health

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