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June 1 Hospital & Hospital Quality Open Door Forum Summary

Recovery Auditor Report, June 30, 2011

Section 1011 program

A CMS representative gave the audience a reminder about the Section 1011 program, the federal health services reimbursement program for undocumented aliens, saying that Mississippi has exhausted its 1011 allocated funding. In addition, the representative encouraged the audience to review the Highmark Medicare Services web site to keep track of the status of funding and funding requests for the program:

Hospital wage index

A CMS representative told the audience that July 1, 2011 is the deadline for hospitals to submit their data for the 2010 hospital wage index occupational mix survey. This survey must be completed by all hospitals paid under the IPPS. The survey and instructions can be accessed here:

Self-administered drugs

A CMS representative went over with the audience a question posed at the last hospital open door forum on whether the self-administration of drugs to a hospital outpatient is a covered service. The representative, covering manual citations, explained that it is not a covered service.

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