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April 27 Hospital & Hospital Quality Open Door Forum Summary

Recovery Auditor Report, May 19, 2011

Hospital Compare

A representative from the Office of Clinical Standards and Quality suggested to the audience that providers use PO boxes or cross streets to contact your state survey agency and provide them with your street address so that they can update the Hospital Compare website and map out a location of your hospital for use in Google maps. The contact information for state survey agencies can be found at

Affordable Care Act Claims Reprocessing

A representative informed the audience that CMS is in the process of developing public Q&A’s that will be posted on the website soon.

In addition, the representative mentioned that CMS is working to improve the overpayment demand letter that is being sent out to collect overpayments resulting from mass adjustments.

2012 IPPS and LTCH proposed rule updates
Rate updates

A CMS representative informed the audience that the proposed rate is a market basket update of positive 2.8%, adjusted downwards by several adjustments minus 1.2% to account for multi-factor productivity as required by Section 3401 of the Affordable Care Act, minus .1% as also required by Section 3401 of the Affordable Care Act.

CMS is also adding back plus 1.1% to the rate update in response to litigation in which the agency is currently involved, and is also making a negative 3.15% adjustment to documentation and coding. Combined, it results in a minus .55 update to the IPPS rate proposed for FY 2012.

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