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Missing RAC records: Another snag thrown at providers

Recovery Auditor Report, June 24, 2010

In the increasingly stressful realm of RAC coordination the last thing providers need is additional complications to add to the workload. Unfortunately for them, the latest wave of RAC obstacles brings just that.

A number of providers across different RAC regions have been sending records to their RACs via verifiable means (i.e. – FedEx), and having their RACs come back and deny receipt of the records, despite the signatures on file.

“Currently we are working with DCS (Region A RAC) to determine the whereabouts of 36 out of 161 recently sent,” says an anonymous provider from a large hospital in Boston. “Shortly after, PRG-Schultz came back and informed me that only 9 of the 36 records were actually missing. It makes me wonder what they are doing.”

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