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More than just RACs: Hospital shares its MIC experience

Recovery Auditor Report, May 27, 2010

As MIC audits begin to hit home with providers, the initial doubts and concerns that came earlier in the year have yet to subside. In fact, to borrow a line from The Carpenters, you may say “we’ve only just begun.”

Unlike RACs, which had a demonstration period and received more sustained publicity, MICs have proceeded largely under the radar of many organizations. As a result, providers may be surprised and unprepared for the MIC audits. And even if they are prepared, the requests can be difficult to process.

“To start, we got requests from the MICs that had missing information,” says Keisha Patterson, RAC coordinator atSaint Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta. “And these requests were on paper spreadsheets, so I had to request that the MIC send a workable electronic file.”

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