Revenue Cycle

Region B and D RACs post new issues, all states now approved for audits

Recovery Auditor Report, October 29, 2009

CGI, the RAC for Region B, has posted three new issues for review in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. This means CMS has now approved issues for RAC auditing in all states.
The new issues approved for physician and outpatient hospital claim review in these states are:
For more information on these and other issues approved for Region B states, visit the CGI Web site.
In addition, CMS has approved a new issue for DME provider audits in Region D—Knee orthotic bundling. “There are Knee orthotic addition codes that cannot be billed separately due to the fact that they are bundled with the base knee orthotic code or that the addition code is not medically necessary when billed in conjunction with a specific knee orthotic base code,” according to HDI, the Region D RAC.
For more information, visit the HDI Web site.

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