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100% MSP compliance

Patient Access Weekly Advisor, May 6, 2009

Like many other patient access departments, Dunn Memorial Hospital’s is not always perfect when it comes to compliance with the Medicare Second Payer questionnaire.

Stephanie Smithson, CHAM, patient access manager at the critical access hospital in Bedford, IN, says its most common errors are:

  • Missing retirement dates for the patient
  • Missing retirement dates for spouses
  • Missing accident information
  • Identifying primary payers if the patient information does not correspond with the Common Working File

Today, however, Smithson and her patient access team talk proudly of their success after a CMS audit. In fact, Dunn’s patient access team scored a 100% in terms of compliance on the audit, which looked at the facility’s MSP policy and procedures and recent MSP claims.

Read the full story in this issue of Patient Access Advisor.

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