Revenue Cycle

TIP: Make registration staff members feel like part of your revenue cycle

Patient Financial Services Weekly Advisor, March 6, 2009

Registration staff members do not always view the registration process as part of the revenue cycle. They may view registration as low priority since it is a non-revenue producing activity. A consequence of that is they may not understand the effect that front-end mistakes have down the line, especially if those mistakes need to be resolved by Patient Business Services (PBS).

It is decidedly valuable for the front- and back-end staff members to understand each other’s functions, and to know how they affect each other’s processes. If, for instance, PBS has to resolve front-end errors, this will increase time and expense and delay payment. In addition, it is not appropriate for the back-end staff members to resolve registration or coding errors, because these are not their areas of expertise.

Editor’s note: This tip comes from consultant Steven Orvis in the August 2008 edition of the HCPro, Inc. newsletter, Patient Access Advisor.

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