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What do you think about the healthcare summit?

Patient Financial Services Weekly Advisor, March 6, 2009

Even before yesterday’s White House healthcare summit, one analyst was certain about one thing: hospitals, physicians, insurance companies, and other key players with a stake in the summit with President Obama should be prepared to "give up a little bit of something" to address skyrocketing healthcare costs and help fashion legislation that the president can sign this year.

"Everyone who comes into that room knows they all have to put something on the table," Melody Barnes, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council told C-SPAN's Washington Journal before the summit. "Everybody has to give up a little bit of something so we can achieve this broader goal of bringing our healthcare costs down."

About 120 people from the across the healthcare spectrum, as well as labor and business leaders, and Congressional Republicans and Democrats were called to the half-day summit.

"The overall goal is to start a conversation to make sure we can get cost under control in our healthcare system… and have a transparent open bipartisan conversation with Republicans and Democrats in Congress including those in leadership, about how we go about doing that, making sure the president gets a bill in front of him this year," Barnes says.

Is your facility “giving up something”? What is it? We’d love to know. Send an e-mail to Senior Managing Editor Dom Nicastro.

Editor’s note: Material in this excerpt came from HealthLeaders Media, a division of HCPro, Inc.

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