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CMS resolves RAC protest; permanent program moves forward

Patient Access Weekly Advisor, February 11, 2009

On February 6, CMS announced that the permanent RAC program is once again underway as the RAC bid protests filed by Viant, Inc., and PRG Schultz, USA, Inc. have been withdrawn. Viant and PRG’s protests were resolved February 4, which means the stop work order has been lifted.

As a result of the protest settlements, these RACs will be subcontracting with PRG-Schultz and Viant. (PRG-Schultz will work with Diversified Collection Services in Region A, CGI in region B, and HealthDataInsights in Region D. Viant Payment Systems will work with Connolly Consulting in Region C.) PRG-Schultz and Viant will have different responsibilities—including possible claim review—in the various regions.

Editor’s note: View more information on the GAO Web site and enter file #400443. For additional details from CMS, visit their RAC Web site.

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