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Develop a strong training program

Patient Access Weekly Advisor, October 22, 2008

We asked some patient access and revenue cycle managers to share their accomplishments with us for this year. Below is what one of them, Rich Wade, CHAM, Orlando (FL) Health, Inc., site manager for corporate scheduling and pre-registration, said:

In 2008 we have achieved several keys goals:

  • All patient access managers reporting to our corporate director, Craig Pergrem, achieved CHAM certification
  • Within my two access departments of OrlandoHealth, Inc., we:
    • Developed a training class on “Calculating With Care,” with input from our pre-registration management team, our revenue management training team and the managed systems team. This class reviews terminology and establishes consistent processes for determining patient responsibility for many of our top insurance plans
    • Designated individuals within pre-registration to call patients prior to service to collect the patients’ estimated financial responsibility. We set an aggressive monthly goal 40% higher than we had been averaging in pre-service collections. So far we have surpassed the goal every month and continue to set new records in our pre-service cash collections
    • Increased in scheduling our emphasis on a program called XPRESS SchedulingTM, in which appointment information is faxed to our department. We then obtain authorization for doctor’s office and will contact patients with their appointment time within 24 hours and then return the fax to doctor’s office advising them. This has proven to have huge customer service impact for both patients and doctors’ offices.

Editor’s note: For more successes of your peers, please see upcoming issues of Patient Access Weekly Advisor and the December issue of the newsletter, Patient Access Advisor.


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