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We'll even drive your car for you

Patient Access Weekly Advisor, September 10, 2008

Beth Hunley took customer service in patient access to a new level.
The registration manager at Jay County Hospital in Portland, OR, Hunley says her facility is undergoing a major construction project.
Hunley recalls a recent day at the facility when an older patient came to the hospital using a cane, “obviously out of breath from the long walk,” she recalls.
“As he sat in front of me he said he had walked so far to get into the hospital with people looking at him like he needed help, which was embarrassing to him,” she adds. “I told him that when he was ready to go, to come to the desk and ask for me and I would help him out.”
When the patient finished his visit, Hunley offered to wheel him out in a wheelchair, but the man refused.
So she walked him out of the hospital and asked where his vehicle was parked—it was quite a long walk. Hunley asked if it would be OK if she retrieved his vehicle for him.
“He had a big smile on his face saying that was the best idea he had heard of in a long time,” Hunley says. “He was so appreciative that I had did that for him.  He said, ‘This is why I come to your hospital— because you all really care.’ It was a small thing that I had done but it had made a big impression on him.”


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