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Develop a customer service script

Patient Access Weekly Advisor, September 3, 2008

Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from the HCPro, Inc.’s book, The Patient Access Director’s Handbook, co-authored by Sandra J. Wolfskill, FHFMA, and Marilyn H. Lipka, MBA. The full story will appear in the October issue of Patient Access Advisor.

Scripting involves identifying common situations, activities, and questions posed to patient access and teaching staff and how to answer appropriately to project the caring, professional image of a staff member working hard to exceed the customer’s expectations.

The most difficult part of implementing scripted responses is to develop the appropriate responses and train the staff. Thereafter, all managers and supervisors must be held responsible for monitoring staff compliance with the use of the expected responses and statements.

If management fails to hold staff accountable for following the scripts, then the entire scripting exercise is a waste of time and money. Hold your staff accountable for following the scripts so the scripting exercise proves to be time and money well spent rather than wasted.


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