The coordinator's role in site visit preparation

Residency Program Insider, September 11, 2007

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When it comes time for an ACGME site visit, the residency program coordinator plays an important role in preparing to show off the program. When preparing for a site visit, coordinators should know the common program requirements inside and out, have organized files and documents at their fingertips, and provide the site visitor with all the information he or she needs.


Coordinators should keep the following tips in mind for day-of-site visit preparation:


  1. On the day of the site visit, the coordinator should make sure to allot one room to the interviews that the site visitor will conduct.
  2. Don't wine and dine the site visitor. Only light refreshments are necessary.
  3. The coordinator should be available and may sit in on the program director's meeting.
  4. The coordinator should have the following documents ready for review:

·        Goals and objectives

·        Evaluations

·        Affiliation agreements and letters of agreement

·        Work hour information, including the policy

·        General competency information

·        Policies on selection, advancement, and dismissal

·        Representative call schedules

·        Institutional letter of support

·        House staff manual

·        Departmental residency handbook (if available)

·        Contracts

·        GME policies

·        Internal review information

·        House officer files for inspection

  1. Coordinators should also be flexible with the schedule in case it needs to be changed last minute.
  2. Don't ask, "How did we do?" The site visitor will not tell you.
  3. Don't grill your residents after the visit.
  4. If the site visitor was terrible (in your opinion), you should let the ACGME know. If the site visitor was wonderful (in your opinon), you should let the ACGME know.


All the best,



Vicki L. Hamm

GME program administrator

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Omaha, NE

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