ACGME survey preparation

Residency Program Insider, March 28, 2006

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ACGME survey preparation

When you begin thinking about preparing for your next review, consider how to play to your strengths, build upon what you have, and put into perspective that a review is about continuous quality improvement. The first step is knowing your particular program requirements. This covers not only those that are currently in effect, but also any changes approved to become effective in the near future.

Second, as I visit different programs across the country, I am finding that the ACGME-required annual program self-review is becoming more important, not only from the Residency Review Committee (RRC) preparation perspective, but also from the perspectives of graduate medical ecucation (GME) committees and the residents themselves.

Third, one way to foster, monitor, and document efforts to continuously improve your program is to update the program information form on your computer at least once or twice a year. Think of these three steps as ongoing preparation in order to reduce anxiety when the letter for your next site visit arrives.

Additionally, I suggest submitting a progress report on any corrections to RRC result letters of internal review reports at least semi-annually, especially for larger programs. These reports can be used to highlight educational improvements and added resources not necessarily in response to previous citations or concerns.

Finally, if there are monthly program education committee meetings, report outcomes to the graduate medical education committee (GMEC). Also, urge the GMEC to schedule meetings to gather representatives from related specialty programs, such as internal medicine programs or surgical specialties, in order to share ideas on quality improvment, resources, and curricular offerings. With improved communication among the GME interest groups at your institution, continuous quality improvement will be ensured.

All the best,

Shep Cohen, GME consultant

Excellence in Graduate Medical Education
Wellesley, MA

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