Residents pitch quality improvement, value-based medicine projects

Residency Program Insider, August 5, 2020

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To teach quality improvement (QI) and value-based medicine (VBM), New York University School of Medicine's internal medicine residency program introduced a project-based curriculum in which residents would pitch improvement ideas to the hospital leadership.

As part of a mandatory two-week QI/patient safety rotation, PGY-2 residents were trained on charter construction, process mapping, problem identification, and solution design. They were then divided into small teams and developed initial ideas of solutions to processes that were deemed inefficient, unsafe, or low value with the help of the chief resident and faculty advisory. Hospital VBM project managers were also available to provide local data to help residents explore opportunities for improvement and design and pitch their potential solutions.

On the final day of the rotation, each team of residents was given 15 minutes to pitch their ideas to senior clinical and administrative leadership (e.g., the chief medical officer, chief quality officer, chief of medicine, and clinical lead of value-based management). Each presentation was followed by a 15-minute question and comment period from the leadership. The leadership also scored the pitches based on their creativity, feasibility, impact, and projected value, as well as their alignment with departmental and institutional goals.

In follow-up surveys conducted a year after the curriculum, residents reported significant improvements in their comfort, confidence levels, and self-assessed knowledge with QI and value learning objectives. Several respondents reported involvement in QI/VBM projects beyond what was required in their rotations, resulting in presentations at national meetings. Some residents had also been selected for advanced VBM training through the High Value Practice Academic Alliance Future Leaders Program for advanced VBM training.

Source: JGME


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