Advancement opportunities for residency coordinators

Residency Program Insider, April 29, 2020

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Editor’s note: The following is an edited excerpt from Residency Program Alert’s (RPA) coverage of the 2019 Residency Coordinator Salary Survey, which can be accessed in the RPA archive here. Not an RPA member? Click here for more information about becoming an RPA subscriber.

While there is opportunity for coordinators to grow their knowledge in the field, only about half of employers reimburse for certification, and even fewer reimburse coordinators for maintaining their certifications (see Figure 5), according to the results of the latest HCPro Residency Coordinator Salary Survey.

Despite this, nearly 21% of respondents to this year’s survey indicated that they were certified by the Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education (TAGME), a 3% increase from the 2017 survey. However, 27% of respondents reported that they were not TAGME certified and had no interest in pursuing certification, a 4% increase from 2017.

Advancement and growth are essential parts of any career, and the coordinator career path is no different. However, data from the 2019 survey does not show much room for career advancement within the field. Almost half of respondents (43%) reported that the coordinator career path at their institution only has one level. This could explain why nearly 41% of all respondents have remained in their current position for six years or more.

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