Survey: Maintaining the work-life balance remains a challenge for residents

Residency Program Insider, September 7, 2018

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A recent Medscape survey, taken by more than 1,900 residents in over 29 specialties, measured the happiness and well-being of current residents. The survey report revealed that managing a work-life balance remains the greatest challenge for residents; this is the third year in a row in which this has been the top challenge. Coming in second, also for the third consecutive year, is dealing with time pressures. Although residents face these difficult issues, 53% reported rarely or never feeling depressed, and 85% said they had never considered suicide.

Additionally, the majority (53%) indicated that they felt they had enough time for themselves at least sometimes if not most of the time or always. There is, however, a significant gender gap in these findings; 40% of women reported rarely or never having time for personal wellness while only 31% of men reported the same.

When it comes to burnout, 64% of residents admitted that having a manageable work schedule and call hours would aid in relieving stress. Forty-one percent said that sufficient compensation would reduce financial stress by allowing them to pay off debt, and/or purchase a home, etc. These desires are mirrored in the key factors residents indicated they would look for in their first job; reasonable schedules and call hours as well as a decent starting salary were the two top responses.

The outlook of most residents remains positive, with only 19% of respondents indicating that they had doubts about being a good doctor always or most of the time. When asked if after reaching this point in their training they were still looking forward to working as a doctor, 87% responded affirmatively.

Source: Medscape

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