ACGME releases Milestones guidance for residents

Residency Program Insider, July 7, 2017

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The ACGME recently released its Milestones Guidebook for Residents and Fellows to provide physicians in training with background information about Milestones and their purpose. Based off the Milestones Guidebook for programs, the resident and fellow members of the ACGME’s Council of Review Committee Residents (CRCR) wrote the new guidebook to provide guidance on the Milestone from a learner’s perspective.

Dink Jardine, MD, chair of the CRCR, wrote, “We hope that understanding the purpose and intent behind the Milestones will help other residents and fellows improve their ability to ask for and receive better feedback, will facilitate mentoring and coaching within programs, and will help all residents and fellows to progress to becoming the best possible physician.”

The guidebook provides the following four recommendation for residents and fellows regarding the use of Milestones:

  • Review specialty Milestones regularly to assist with professional development
  • Perform a self-assessment twice a year to coincide with Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) meetings
  • Compare the self-assessment and CCC Milestone ratings with a program director, faculty advisor, or mentor
  • Create an individualized learning plan twice a year

Source: ACGME 

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