Planning resident orientation

Residency Program Insider, April 5, 2018

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Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from The Residency Program Director’s Handbook, Second Edition. For more information about this book, click here.

After the new resident class has been determined by the Match process, the program director must plan for new resident orientation. New residents will have an orientation at the institutional level and the program level. The program director, with the assistance of the program coordinator, is responsible for the orientation at the program level. Occurring in late June, the orientation is a great opportunity to have the complete and enthusiastic attention of the new residents. Any major pieces of information that the new residents should remember for the rest of their residencies should be emphasized during this orientation event. Probably one of the most important parts of the orientation that the program director will review with the new residents is the program policies. It should be emphasized that all residents are responsible to uphold all policies throughout their residency and that access to all policies is available to all members of the program. Online access to policies is likely most convenient. The length of the program orientation will vary by program depending upon the amount of required information that must be presented. Other types of information that may be presented at the program level during orientation are: 

  • Introduction of the departmental and program leadership
  • The evaluation process
  • Duty hour restrictions and proper documentation of duty hours
  • Procedure logs and case logs
  • Goals and objectives
  • Program resources

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